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Enfants&Développement is a humanitarian organization founded in 1984 to help Cambodian children victim of war and genocide. Currently, E&D leads a Family Development (FD) program established in HCMC. In 2013, based on an analysis of the needs of followed beneficiaries, E&D strengthens the economic stream of the program by setting up a new comprehensive project: a vocational training and job placement project.

Within this framework, E&D is looking for a qualified consultant with background in Technical Vocational Education and Training.

ToR is attached for details.

Contract: 4 months

Location: HCMC

Salary: based on experience (between $800 - $1200)

1. Objectives:

  • Mission 1: To perform a study on Vietnam’s dual education and present recommendations on key issues, policies and strategies on developing dual vocational training for vulnerable young people in HCMC.
  • Mission 2: To support the development and initial phases of delivery of a pilot dual vocational training module in HCMC for vulnerable young people

2. Tasks to be performed under this contract:

Mission 1:
a) Present an outline of Vietnam's technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system, looking in particular at the dual system framework;
b) Analyze the context and the opportunities to provide dual trainings to vulnerable young in HCMC
c) Provide insight and recommendations for the development of dual trainings for vulnerable young people
d) Regularly update E&D on research progress;
e) Provide E&D with clean data files;
f) Draft a report outline containing key findings;
g) Submit the final report in time.

Mission 2:

a) Contribute to the identification and selection of potential partners to set up a pilot dual training module;
b) Contribute to the design of a curriculum of a pilot dual training module;
c) Contribute to implement a pilot dual training module;
d) Contribute to the development of tools and procedures to set up and monitor the coordination between the vocational training centre and the societies.
e) Collaborate with E&D and other relevant actors (local authorities, vocational training centres, societies)

3. Qualifications and experience required:

  • Expertise in technical and vocational education. A background in social work would be appreciated: social inclusion / community development
  • Very good understanding of social exclusion and professional integration issues. Knowledge of the TVET system in Vietnam would be appreciated.
  • Ability to actively seek and improve services, offer new and different options/initiatives, promote and persuade others to consider new ideas
  • Extensive project implementation experience on vocational education settings
  • Proven experience in research study
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good technical drafting and report writing skills
  • Completely fluent in Vietnamese - proficiency in English and/or French

Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit CV in English or French electronically to [email protected].

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Mon, 2014-03-31