Consultant of NARI Final Evaluation

I. Introduction:

Habitat for Humanity International’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Anchored by the conviction that safe and affordable housing provides a critical foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty, Habitat has helped more than 3 million people construct, rehabilitate or preserve homes since 1976.

Habitat for Humanity Vietnam seeks an independent consultant/consultant team to carry out a final evaluation of its six-month disaster response project in Que Son and Hiep Duc districts, Quang Nam province.

The objective of project was

To support disaster affected households and communities to quickly recover from the disaster aftermaths by providing them with construction technical supports and emergency shelter repair kits.

With following indicators:

1) Assist 200 of the most vulnerable families
2) Train 400 community members and masons, including the 200 beneficiaries in disaster resilient construction methods.

II. Objective of the evaluation:

The overall objective of the final evaluation is to assess the results of the disaster response project in Hiep Duc and Que Son districts. The specific objectives of the evaluation are to:

  • Assess the achievementagainst project goal, outcomes, indicators and impacts;
  • Assess the project’s relevance, effectiveness, impact and sustainibility of project to the disasteraffected households;
  • Document lessons learn from the implemetation of the project
  • Assess performance of the HFHV’s staff used during the project
  • Make practical and specific recommendation for improvement in future project design and impelementation.

To address the specific objectives of the evaluation, the consultant(s) will be expected to answer the following questions:


1. To what extent have the project’s objectives (outcomes and/ or expected results) been achieved? What factors supported or impeded the achievement of the project objectives?

2. How effective were project activities for achieving the objectives of the project?


1. Do the changes brought about by the project contribute to the beneficiary households’ and communities’ development?
2. How many people have benefitted from the program?
3. Were there any unintended results of this project?


1. Were project activities the right ones for addressing the needs of the disaster-affected peoples?


1. Were activities delivered on time? Sustainability
2. Are the changes brought about by the project likely to continue – are they resilient and sustainable? If not, what needs changing?

Learning and improvement

1. What were the key challenges experienced during project implementation and what were the lessons learnt? How can the project design be improved to better achieve the project objectives?
2. How well has the internal monitoring system contributed to the evaluation of this project?

III. Scope of work

The evaluation will focus on the typhoon Nari response project in both Que Son and Hiep Duc districts in Quang Nam province. The evaluation should cover at least one third of the project beneficiaries. The evaluation should also include project partners at village, commune, and district level.

IV. Methodology

The recruited consultant(s) will be expected to propose a detailed methodology based on the information given in this ToR. It is expected that the methodology will include both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Information from these different sources will be triangulated to increase its validity. The consultant will be expected to review project documentation, interview project management and field staff, and partner organizations. The consultant would find out how the project beneficiaries used emergencies shelter kits and/ or technical knowledge provided by HFHV.

The consultant would also obtain the views of project beneficiaries (looking at what they think about the project, whether it worked well or not, what they see as the value of the project and how it supported their own development efforts) in a participative manner through focus group discussions and key informant interviews.

V. Deliverables

  • Inception Report (and presentation) covering overall approach and methodology, random sampling strategy, evaluation questionnaire and data processing protocols
  • Draft Final Report(and presentation)with preliminary findings and key recommendations
  • Final ReportDue 1 week after receiving comments on the draft final report from relevant HFHV staff
  • Electronic files of photos taken for each household evaluated, along with their corresponding evaluation number
  • All outputs are written in English

VI. Duration and timing

The consultant is expected to commence the services in late August 2014or early September 2014 and report is expected to submit at the end of September, 2014 at the latest.

VII. Management of the assignment

The contract will be signed in accordance with HFHV regulations and guidelines for the contracting of consultant(s). The assignment will be directly managed by the Manager of the project in the day to day tasks assigned and the Disaster Response and Mitigation Program Manager will manage the content and planning. Both Managers of the HFHV will ensure that all required facilities and information are made available to the consultant(s). And the project Manager will ensure required logistical arrangements are in place.

Consultant’s experience and competencies

  • Master’s degree or higher in social sciences, statistic or other related subject
  • Broad experience in survey fieldwork, evaluation and producing study reports as well as supervising & training enumerators in data collection, validation and entry
  • Experience in transfer of knowledge, participatory approaches.

Proposal contents

Interested or selected candidates please submit the following documents:

1. Technical proposal - the technical proposal should reflect how the consultant will undertake all of the above-mentioned activities.
2. Detailed Timeline and budget proposal
3. Curriculum Vitae, 2 pages maximum
4. Two samples of past evaluation reports
5. At least 2 letters of reference from prior places of employment or contact names and details of your referees

Full proposals should be submitted electronically no later than 10 August 2014 to:
To: [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Habitat for Humanity Vietnam (HFHV)
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2014-08-10