Consultant at CARE in Vietnam

Project Title: Health and Social Sector Program

Location:      Hanoi and Can Tho

Duration:      17 December to 27 December (20 estimated total person days)

Consultancy: Collect and collate materials for Prevention Curriculum AND Home Base Care Curriculum using training frameworks developed by CARE, including facilitation plan and training materials.

CARE in Vietnam (CVN) is the representative of CARE International in Vietnam. CARE in Vietnam operates under the lead membership of CARE Australia. The laws and regulations of the Government of Vietnam apply to all staff, contractors and consultants.  Within CARE in Vietnam the Country Director has overall management authority as the representative of the lead member and of CARE International.

Project Aims
The project aims to make a breakthrough in civil society’s engagement in realization of the national strategy on HIV/AIDS by actively collaborating with and complementing the government’s response to HIV in reducing HIV transmission among SW, MSM, IDU and PSP and improve care and support for members of these populations who are living with HIV.

Key project activities
- Raise awareness on rights and needs of IDU, sex workers, MSM, PSP and PLHIV and reduce stigma and discrimination against these populations.
- Support the establishment of support groups for the target populations.
- Build capacity of civil society organisations to deliver services or support service delivery.
- Create communication channels and foster dialogues between targeted populations and intervention designers and implementers.
- Implement evidence based interventions for targeted populations in the community and closed  settings
- Foster mutual learning and collaboration among stakeholders at all levels.

Scope of Work
- The project provides HIV prevention and home based care and support training for a range of community based organisations. The training is provided alongside a number of other training providers who deliver similar but slightly different training packages. This training package and curriculum hopes to make the training being delivered by all partners more consistent and where that is not possible to articulate clearly the training that is being provided through CARE projects on these topics.CARE and partners have developed a framework for both training packages. The CARE VN staff have developed some, but not all, of the modules required.The consultant will be tasked with completing the remaining training modules in line with the training frameworks.

Expected Outputs
- The training courses aim to achieve the following objectives:
- Workplan agree in advance with CARE indicating a project end date of no later than December 27th 2012.
- Assess the team’s current progress toward completing the training curriculum against the training framework.
- Identify existingi training materials that respond to the training framework (e.g. materials developed by other organisations like PSI, FHI and local VNGOs).
- Review and revise these to the template of the training framework currently being used by the CARE team.
- Review and revise the training materials provided by CARE team to ensure that these two different sets of material are consistent and coherent within one document.
- Collate and deliver two final training packages with training materials.

Selections criteria / qualifications requirement for the consultant

The prospective consultant will require an appropriate balance of training facilitation skills and experience working with PLHIV as well as good IEC/BCC development skills. It is anticipated that the consultant will be a team of people due to the short time frame, however, the team should have the following qualifications:
1. Excellent skills in research and consultation, in particular locating and collecting health resources.
2. At least 5 years’ professional experience, preferably in IEC/BCC development.
3. Significant track record in conducting and facilitating training workshops in prevention/care and support.
4. Familiarity with the programmes and approaches of local entities that are participating in the HIV prevention, care and support.

Applications close 12.30pm Monday 17th December 2012. Interested consultants should send applications to [email protected] including:
1.the CV of the team leader;

2.the names of all key team members (including the team leader)- indicating only the team members specialist area, years of experience, their individual daily rate of pay.

CARE will estimate the total cost of the consultancy based on consultant days and day rate- assuming 20days of work. This estimated total will inform the selection committees decision.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
CARE International in Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2012-12-17