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In 2008 CARE International in Vietnam commenced a change process of moving from a project based way of working, to an impact focused, programmatic approach.  This CARE International initiative, known as the Program Approach, strategically orients work around three long terms programs designed to support impacts for identified marginalised and poor population groups, with research and analysis informing program design and ongoing development. 

Based on initial analysis of trends around poverty and marginalisation in Vietnam, CARE’s programming niche, and other imperatives, CARE Vietnam has identified three population groups for our long term programs.In addition, CVN will place Women’s Empowerment at the heart of our work, expressed as an overarching focus on marginalized and vulnerable women in all long term programs.

Having finalised the identification of population groups for long term programs, CARE VN has conducted an analysis of the underlying causes of vulnerability and explored pathways of change for the program design, conducted a serious of validation workshops with community representatives and commissioned a consultant led Gender and Power Analysis related to the socially marginalized population groups.

This consultancy will provide information on the institutional and policy environment surrounding the impact groups. Specifically, the policy and institutional analysis will help CARE to refine the underlying causes of vulnerability and the overall program design (including pathways of change).  It will also inform later work in identifying strategic partners, and in identifying advocacy priorities and entry points. 

Interested parties should send their application to Neil Poetschka at [email protected] (applications include: a brief concept note outlining proposed research methods, schedule of activities and, for international consultants, specifying how the consultant will find and review Vietnamese language documents required for the analysis).

The deadline for applications is 25 December 2012.

Please see the attachment for further information.

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CARE International in Vietnam
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Tue, 2012-12-25