Consultant for “Conducting a Final Project Evaluation in Lai Chau province ”

Organization: Plan International Vietnam was established in 1993, is an international child-centered community development organization. Plan is working in partnership with local people; organizations and government bodies to help children in Vietnam meet their basic needs as well as expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Project: “Building climate change resilience of vulnerable ethnic minority groups in Lai Chau Province and nationwide youths in Vietnam” is funded by the GNO Foundation Centre and various Swiss donors over the period from September 2016 to August 2018 in the four project communes of Sin Ho and Phong Tho districts, Lai Chau province. The project’s goal is to build community resilience of the vulnerable groups to climate change and related environmental issues through promoting community-based initiatives in Lai Chau Province and youth-led initiatives across Vietnam. The project has three main outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge and awareness among local ethnic minority groups (children, youth and adults; women and men), local authorities, and CSOs about climate change and the environment,
  • Improved capacity to take action for local ethnic minority groups (children, youth and adults), CSOs, and nation-wide youth groups to respond to climate change and protect the environment through community-based and youth-led initiatives,
  • Strengthened government responsiveness and networks at (sub-)national level to promote community-based climate change and environmental initiatives that are in line with the national strategies on climate Change and environment

Plan International Viet Nam seeks an independent consultant/consultant team/consultant firm to carry out final project evaluation to define how project make the change at the end of the project. The key objective of the final evaluation is to assess the results of the Building climate change resilience of vulnerable ethnic minority groups in Lai Chau Province and nationwide youths in Vietnam project and Plan’s contribution to the achievement of the project development goal.

Position: Consultant

Working duration: The final evaluation has to be carried out in July till August 2018 and combined in one-time survey; the contract is expected to start in July 2018 and the finalized report and all deliverables would have to be submitted by the 3rd week of August 2018.  In all, it is estimated that the work will take 25 days, not including time for Plan to provide comments and feedback on draft reports. Consultant/consultant team will conduct the survey and evaluation based on the workplan and methodology agreed with Plan Vietnam.

Deadline: 2nd July 2018

Email: [email protected]  and [email protected]

Job Details
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Plan International
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Mon, 2018-07-02