Consultancy on Reviewing CTOC Package (Manual, Presentation, Case Scenario)

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Consultancy on reviewing CTOC package (manual, presentation, case scenario)

(Late July – Early Oct, 2020)


With the vision of enabling and empowering the international law enforcement community to dismantle transnational organized crimes, the Counter Transnational Organised Crime (CTOC) training package has been developed after a series of successful delivery of CTOC training courses since 2016. The package is aimed at further promoting the two-pronged approach: cutting-edge investigative training coupled with enhanced collaboration, coordination, cooperation and information sharing- through the institutionalization process. This process can be done by integrating the package into the curricula of police and law enforcement academies with certain modification and contextualization to meet local needs and context.

The People Police Academy of Vietnam has a mission to provide education and training for the people police of Vietnam while striving to become a regional police training institution. The PPA has expressed its interest in bringing the CTOC model into its training curricula. The application will be adapting the CTOC training package to build required competencies for the police in countering transnational organized crimes in Vietnam, especially in illegal wildlife trade.

As a result, the generic CTOC training package has been translated from English into Vietnamese to facilitate the adaption and application. A local consultant is sought and contracted to assist this process.

USAID Wildlife Asia and Freeland team will provide technical and financial support while the PPA will take the lead in selecting the consultant and monitoring the consultancy process in coordination with the USAID Wildlife Asia and the Freeland team. The final deliverables will be submitted to both the USAID Wildlife Asia/Freeland team and the PPA.

Main tasks:

  • Review the whole CTOC package (Manual, Presentations, Case scenario):

  • Facilitate the expert/roundtable meeting including a consolidation of all the feedback provided by the participants on the package.

  • Prepare a list of recommendations for revision and/or update. This should be submitted to the PPA in coordination with the USAID Wildlife Asia and Freeland team before moving to the update and/or revision.

  • Coordinate and follow up with the PPA to make sure the recommendations are valid and feasible

  • Update and/or revise the whole package with regards to the Vietnam legal framework and the PPA’s needs and curricula.


  • Good knowledge of legal framework, esp. with regards to wildlife crime issues

  • Sound knowledge of required procedures in conducting investigations, prosecution and financial investigation.

  • Priority is given to those working in the police sector

  • Willing to be involved in follow-up discussion if needed

Deliverables: by the end of consultancy period, the consultant is expected to deliver:

  • A preliminary report of recommendations for revision and update.

  • Revised and/ or updated CTOC training package

Tentative timeline: Total consultancy days: 18



1. Review the CTOC training package

(Manual, Presentations, case scenario)

1st week of Sept.

2. Prepare and facilitate the one-day expert/roundtable meeting

3rd week of Sept.

3. Prepare the preliminary report of recommendations for revision and update

3nd week of Sept.

4. Submission of the preliminary report

3rd week of Sept.

5. Revise and update the CTOC training package

1st week of Oct.

7. Submission of the revised CTOC training package

4th week of Oct.

All questions for clarification or interests can be sent to the contact below no later than August 28, 2020:

Dang Thi Thuy

Email: [email protected]

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Fri, 2020-08-28