Consultancy for Research on Situation of Migration, Labor Immigrants to Thailand and Malaysia for Forest Product Exploitation

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Short-term consultancy conducting research on situation of migration, labor immigrants to Thailand and Malaysia for forest product exploitation

Report to:

Law enforcement Team Leader of WCS Viet Nam


Ha Noi and Quang Binh, Viet Nam

I. Background: 

Since 2013, there were a lot of articles reported about citizens from Quang Binh province who have exited and migrated abroad for forest products exploitation, in particular agarwood. One article[1] posted on Quang Binh online news on 29 March 2013 shared that more than 1,000 people from a commune of Bo Trach district went to Laos, Thailand, Malaysia…to look for agarwood. 

In addition, as media reports, during 2016-2020, there were at least 12 Vietnamese people detained or arrested by law enforcement agencies in Thailand and Malaysia because of their involvement in illegal logging, poaching and transportation of agarwood and wildlife such as tiger, leopard, bear product (teeth, fangs, skin) in these countries.

In order to get a better understanding of the situation, WCS is seeking a consultant(s) to research migration, labor immigrants of Quang Binh people in other countries,  particularly in Thailand and Malaysia, have signs of participating in agarwood and wildlife exploitation, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, with travel restrictions between countries.  The consultant(s) is also expected to collect the responses and actions from relevant local agencies of Quang Binh province on this issue.

II. Objectives:

WCS will hire a consultant(s) to:

1.    Collect and synthesize information about:

  • The situation of labor export/migration in Quang Binh province to other countries in the region, especially Thailand and Malaysia;
  • Update situation of Quang Binh residents to neighboring countries, including Thailand and Malaysia to look for agarwood and/or wildlife, during 2018 - present.

2.    To learn about awareness, responses and actions of the Quang Binh provincial authorities on the issue.

III. Outputs / Deliverables:

1.    01 situation analysis report of i) migration, labor migrants of Quang Binh residents to and in neighboring countries in Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia for forest product exploitation; ii) relevant responses and actions from Quang Binh local authorities to date; iii) any recommendations for local authorities to help handle the situation;

IV. Work timeline

The service is expected to start as soon as possible and complete by 15 August 2021

V. Fee and expenses: Will be negotiated depending on consultant’s expertise and experience and WCS’s budget and cost norms.

VI. Consultant Requirements:

  • Be Vietnamese journalist(s);
  • Having knowledge, skill and at least 5 years of experience in investigative journalism on environment or wildlife or labor (im)migrations;
  • Having at least 3 similar situation analyses on above issues leading to enforcement action by government agencies;
  • Having experience in working with local authorities at provincial levels;
  • Having experience in working with in relevant service is an advantage.

VII. Application procedure:

Interested candidate(s) are invited to send their i) Technical proposal; ii) Resume(s) and iii) Expected fees and expenses to [email protected]  before 17:00 of 13 July 2021.

Note: Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Hanoi and Quang Binh
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2021-07-13