Consultancy for the production knowledge management products of greening disaster risk reduction project




General Information


Consultancy for the production knowledge management products (study report) in the implementation eco-based disaster risk reduction in three project communities in Thanh Hoa province


Greening Red Cross and Red Crescent Disaster Risk Reduction:   Saving Lives through Working with Nature Project (Greening DRR Project)


(a)    Yen Son commune, Ha Trung district, Thanh Hoa province

(b)    Yen Nhan commune, Thuong Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province

(c)     Nga Tien, Nga Son district, Thanh Hoa province


TBD - expected from March/April to May 31, 2022

Background and Context

Working with nature can help reduce risks to natural hazards, climate change and environmental degradation. Nature-based Solutions (NbS) is an umbrella term covering a range of ecosystem-based solutions [such as ecosystem based DRR (eco-DRR) or ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA)] aimed at addressing humanitarian and sustainable development challenges.

Led by the IFRC, this project aims to support efforts to expand the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) network’s use of NbS to reduce disaster risks and increase community resilience. It will support implementation and testing of ecosystem based DRR in three countries, enhance and develop global tools/guidance for ecosystem based DRR, support capacity strengthening and knowledge management, and promote NbS and eco-DRR within and beyond the RCRC network.

The project’s over-all goal is to increase the resilience of communities facing natural hazards in diverse settings (including urban, rural or island contexts), through applying evidence-based Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in collaboration with local stakeholders and expert partners.

Below are the specific objectives of the project:

  • Objective 1: To enable communities and National Societies to design and implement DRR projects incorporating nature-based solutions in diverse settings
  • Objective 2: To develop new and revise existing Ecosystem based Disaster Risk Reduction tools and guidelines based on the real time learning from the project implementation
  • Objective 3: To promote Nature-based Solutions and disseminate lessons learned within and beyond the Red Cross Red Crescent network aimed at improving stakeholder capacity at the community, national, regional, and global levels.

While Objective 2 and Objective 3 are at global level, Objective 1 will be implemented in three communities within each of the three participating countries, including Jamaica, Philippines, and Vietnam.  In Vietnam, the project is implemented by National Society (Vietnam Red Cross) at Head quarter and Thanh Hoa Red Cross branch, with oversight management from American Red Cross – Vietnam Delegation with technical support from American Red Cross and IFRC at regional levels. The project will pilot NbS tools and approaches in three communities – Yen Son commune (Ha Trung district), Nga Tien commune (Nga Son district) and Yen Nhan commune (Thuong Xuan district). Those communities are selected based on their vulnerabilities and capacities of both DRM and ecosystems.

Given that this is a pilot project to engage in NbS in a more comprehensive and strategic manner, it is necessary to document the process within the communities through the facilitation of the National Society. This documentation will capture the practices, challenges and learning which would help in the promotion and replication of similar initiatives within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.


The project needs a consultant (or a consultancy team) to document the good practices, lessons learned and challenges of project activities implemented in the three communities of Thanh Hoa province, as following:

  1. To document the process and tools of integration nature-based solutions into CBDRM program under the Greening DRR Project, particularly in the three selected communities.
  2. In collaboration with the project team, to identify and document:  challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations in implementing nature-based solutions in supported communities

Tasks and Key Activities

The proposed plan is described as in the Table, but is flexible according to consultant’s proposal.



Total (day)


Development of Inception Plan



Desk review (project documents, reports…)



Development of tools/questionnaires for information collection



Interviews at national level (AmRC, VNRC, VNDMA...)



Field information collection (provincial, district, and commune levels)



Analyze the collected information and develop a study first draft



Develop second study draft to address comments/feedback from IFRC, AmRC



Final products (a study report)



TOTAL (estimated by AmRC – consultant can propose for change if necessary)


Outputs and Deliverables

This consultancy service expected to commence from March/April 2023 and no later than May 31, 2023.  The consultant is required to submit the following final deliverables:

  1. One [1] study report to capture the practices, challenges and learning of the process on designing and implementingDRR projects incorporating nature-based solutions.
  2. One [1] summary document (PPT presentation format) in English to briefly capture the main points of the above study report.


Expected deadline (*)

  1. Propose Inception plan

Apr 3

  1. Submit first draft of study report

May 5

  1. Submit second draft of study report to address comments/ feedbacks from AmRC/VNRC and IFRC

May 15

  1. Final products (a study report and a summary document)

May 26

Reporting and Coordination Line

The consultant or consultancy team through its designated representative shall report and coordinate to the Country Program Supervisor of American Red Cross Vietnam Delegation and VNRC’s Project Management Unit and in consultation with AmRC Regional Advisor for technical issues.

Payment Scheme

Payment shall be made upon satisfactory completion of the work in accordance with these terms of reference.  The following shall be the payment scheme:

  1. Twenty percent (20%) acceptance and start-up fee to be paid after contract signing
  2. Forty five percent (40%) after submission of first draft of study report
  3. Forty percent (40%) after submission of final products (study report and summary document)

NOTE: The consultant is solely responsible for the payment of taxes and other lawful fees that may be incurred from this transaction.

Consultant qualification


  • Demonstrated knowledge and working experience on Disaster Risk Reduction, climate change, natural resource management and nature-based solutions
  • Excellent written, verbal, organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Proven ability in conducting and producing high quality studies
  • Experience with the Red Cross Movement is an advantage. 

Language proficiency

Must be fluent in English and Vietnamese (written and verbal).


Please submit application in English not later than COB of February 20, 2023 to [email protected] with the subject “Greening DRR-Knowledge Management consultancy service” including:

  • Cover letter (not more than one page) clearly summarizing your experience as it pertains to this assignment.
  • Expression of interest and proposal (not more than three pages) outlining in detail their proposed methodology, timeframe and budget (with daily rate) to undertake the proposed service and preferably with the sample products.

Please be noted that only shortlisted candidates will be notified and contacted for an interview on a first come, first serve basis.

The American Red Cross is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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