Consultancy for Partners’ Analysis and Assessment for Sponsorship Delivery

Recruitment information:

1.       Introduction

Founded in 1937, Plan International (PI) is a development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners. PI is currently working across 19 fundraising countries and supports millions of children, their families and their communities in 50 Plan’s programme countries. Child sponsorship connects people and cultures, helps us to generate long-term and reliable support for our child-centered community programs and guarantees our independence. Sponsors and children opportunities to share their common interests and exchange cultures through lasting and sustainable commitment of sponsors to child development and better relationships building among different sides. Reestablished in 1993 in Vietnam Plan International Vietnam provides support to more than 32 thousands children living in 855 communities of the 5 provinces of Ha Giang and Lai Chau in the north, Quang Binh and Quang Tri in the central and Kon Tum in the central highland. In September 2019 Plan International Vietnam formally started transformation with a strategic choices workshop attended by the extended CMT for Vietnam, and the APH region representatives. In October 2019 a second extended CMT workshop was held – the design workshop – where a design plan was developed for translating these strategic choices into action. We agree that Plan needs to decentralize and partner to manage our sponsorships. However, it is still unclear who the most appropriate partners are and how to manage it, therefore, we commit to conducting further analysis to inform decision-making.

2.       Sponsorship Communications

Child sponsorship is the foundation of Plan International and it has been means of generating long-term and reliable income. There are more than 32 thousand children enrolled as Sponsored Children and those assigned children have regular communications with their Sponsors from different fundraising countries. Currently local youths, villagers and school teachers managed by the commune Core Group are facilitating the processes of sponsorship communication production. They have been generating different materials including Sponsored Child Introduction (SCI) and Sponsored Child Update (SCU), Welcome Greetings (WGC) and Sponsor Response Letters, Children’s Situation Update and Cancellation/ Graduation. In addition, they implement periodical activities at commune level to mobilise the involvement and participation of children and their families’ members. In FY19 (from 1st of July 2018 to 30th of June 2019) there is a total of 55,668 sponsorship communications exchanged between more than 32 thousand of Sponsorship Children in the 5 provinces to their Sponsors living in the 19 fundraising countries.

3.       Purpose of the consultancy  

Plan International Vietnam is seeking to engage a consultant/team to assess partners in the 5 provinces (key government, community-based/ mass organization, civil society organization). The objective is to find the most suitable partner for sponsorship delivery and recommend options of partnership structure/ cooperation mechanisms between Plan and the selected partner. Please find the attached ToR for more details. 

4.       How to apply: Potential candidates (individual/team) are requested to submit an expression of interest, which will specifically via email to [email protected] and [email protected] at Plan International Vietnam

5.       Deadline: The application should be submitted no later than 03 Feb 2020 (Monday).

Only short-listed teams will be contacted for interview.

Job Details
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Plan International
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2020-02-03