Consultancy Assignment Independent Quality Controllers

About the project

The Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector of Vietnam is implemented by Livestock Production Department (under MARD) in cooperation with Netherlands Development Organisation – SNV.

The overall objectives of project are

(i)exploiting effectively biogas technology and developing a commercial viable biogas sector in Vietnam; and
(ii)contributing to rural development and environmental protection via provision of clean and affordable energy to rural households, improvement of community’s sanitation and rural people’s health, creation of job for rural labour and reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

In order to ensure quality of the biogas plants which are built under this programme an extensive quality control procedure has been developed. Currently the Biogas Project Management (PMU) unit is looking for people who want to become independent quality controllers who will check the quality of biogas digesters which have been constructed. The PMU is looking for people who meet the requirements as listed below and live in one of the following provinces1:

-          Ha Giang
-          Hai Duong
-          VinhPhuc
-          QuangBinh
-          Hanoi
-          Thai Nguyen

Minimum requirements

Educational level:

  • High school graduate

Knowledgeand experiences:

  • Awareness of domestic biogas technology in rural development in general
  • Knowledge of the local context
  • Awareness of masonry work (types of construction and quality of construction materials)
  • Experiences in water and sanitation sector, livestock production or biogas sector is an asset


  • Good communication skills and a positive attitude to work with local people such as farmers and masons
  • Written communication skills
  • Time management and problem solving skills
  • Familiar with local locations


  • Willingness to travel frequently to households and must have a suitable transportation method to reach the households (e.g. motorbike)
  • Must be in good health
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Honest, accurate, accountable, detail- oriented and well- organized
  • Demonstrated capacity and willingness to undertake training and achieve certification

The selected candidates will be required to undertake training in which they will be taught all the necessary skills to execute the tasks which are required from an independent quality controller. This training will be provided by the PMU free of charge but participants will not be separately compensated for attending the training. Candidates will be certified only if they are able to demonstrate the required level or competency.

Main responsibilities and tasks of i-QCers:

  • Execute under- and after construction quality controls based on the instruction of the PMU
  • Keep a list with the dates and order in which the masons and retailers have reported the fact that they will build a digester.
  • Fill in the under construction form while visiting the household when the plant is under construction (KT only)
  • Fill in the after construction quality control form while visiting the household after the plant is constructed
  • Compare own assessment to the assessment of the BME and retailer. In case there are big differences this has to be reported to the PMU. The IQCer will inform the BME about what they have done wrong and how this should be done differently in the future.
  • In case a plant does not meet the acceptance requirements the IQCer will inform the BME/retailer why this is the case and how it should be corrected.
  • Sign dated receipt document for BME upon receiving acceptance file (Upon request of BME/retailer)
  • Execute a 100% phone check after receiving the acceptance files for households that have received neither a UC nor an AC check (and have a phone) in order to assess potential irregularities
  • If irregularities take place, inform PPMU and contact mason to address this
  • All acceptance files which are accepted by the IQCer are forwarded to the PPMU
  • Timely/annually writing summary report/assessment on performance of BME’s and retailers under his/her management (partly based on irregularities)


Type of contract:The selected candidate will work on a consultancy basis. This means that there are no additional benefits such as pension and other employee related benefits which apply in Vietnam. The consultant will have to pay the applicable tax rate him/herself

Base compensation: 1,500,000 VND/month

For this basecompensation the Independent quality controller will have to be available during workdays from 8:00 – 17:00 to receive calls and to execute quality control visits within an acceptable time frame. In return for the base compensation the IQCer will execute 10 quality control field visits and complete the required activities for each field visit as listed above. In case less than 10 quality control visits need to take place the IQCer will still receive the base compensation.

Bonus: 110.000 VND for every additional plant

Note that the IQCer will not become an employee of the PMU but will work on a consultancy basis.

Starting date

April 1st 2014

How to apply

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in becoming an independent quality controller you can send your CV and motivation letter to the PMU either by e-mail or mail before 25-3-2014:
Address:Room 104, Building 2G, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound, 298 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Email:  [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector of Vietnam
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2014-03-25