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Consultancy Opportunity


The USAID Sustainable HIV Response from Technical Assistance (SHIFT) project is a five-year (2016-21) contract managed by FHI 360 to achieve epidemic control targets while transitioning a sustainable HIV response in Vietnam. The project requires a Communications Consultant to review and ensure the quality of English language project materials, help organize project events, and support capacity building for project staff in English language writing and presentation.

Objectives and requirements

The Communications Consultant shall provide the following services to USAID SHIFT:

  • Review, edit and ensure the quality of English language project materials

The USAID SHIFT project produces numerous English language materials in line with donor requirements and in a significant number of technical domains, from outreach to key populations to data systems, antiretroviral therapy, and social health insurance. Key project materials must align with USAID requirements for branding for acquisition awards. Therefore, the project requires an English language consultant who is well familiar with USAID branding and marking requirements for acquisition awards; with professional English language editing skills; who is highly responsive to short turnaround requirements; and who can handle multiple, concurrent high priority tasks. The consultant must also be familiar with the Vietnamese health system and PEPFAR programs.

  • Help organize and support project events

The USAID SHIFT project also convenes project events including delegation visits to service delivery sites, experience sharing sessions, provincial progress review meetings, technical forums, and workshops. A Communications Consultant is needed to work with project staff to organize, prepare for and support such events. The consultant must have proven experience in organizing professional events in Vietnam.

  • Support communications capacity building

The consultant will work with project leadership to strengthen staff capacity in communications, including in English language writing and oral presentations. Therefore, the consultant must have experience not only in writing and editing but in strengthening Vietnamese local national English language skills. They consultant may also help build project staff capacity in advanced communications domains, such as writing success stories, drafting project deliverables, and generating knowledge products.

  • Generate select communications products

The consultant will produce select weekly bullets and success stories which align with both USAID guidance and requirements and USAID SHIFT priorities.

Tasks and Deliverables

The consultant will deliver services to the USAID SHIFT for up to 72 days from the period December 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2018.  Key tasks are as follows:

  1. Draft and/or edit select weekly bullets, following latest USAID SHIFT Vietnam guidance and requirements

  2. Develop two success stories that align with donor requirements and project priorities

  3. Edit English language versions of project documents, materials and presentations including:

    • Periodic progress reviews

    • Technical strategies, materials, presentations, reports, and ad hoc communications

    • TA provider profiles

  1. Work with project staff to plan and organize project events, including:

  • Developing event preparation plans

  • Identifying materials to be produced

  • Developing materials, with input from technical teams

  • Working with Operations to coordinate event logistics

  1. Support Technical Director to develop staff capacity in communications and knowledge management

    • Reviewing and providing feedback and coaching to strengthen staff English language presentation and writing skills

    • Building project staff advanced capacity in project communications in areas identified with Technical Director

  1. Copy editing Quarterly Progress Report for Q1 FY18 and Monthly Progress Reports for January and February 2018


The Consultant will report to Megan Averill, Technical Director, USAID SHIFT

Cost and Payment Schedule

Total work under this contract is for up to 72 days. The consultant will be paid at a daily rate, plus travel and accommodation costs in accordance with USAID SHIFT policy.

The consultant will be paid upon satisfactory completion of deliverables and upon receipt of an invoice

Submission of CVs/Resumes and USAID 1420 form


Interested persons should send their detailed curriculum vitae with letter of application in English and a completed USAID 1420 form (template attached) by November 10, 2017 to [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
FHI 360
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2017-11-10