Case Manager

JOB TITLE: CASE MANAGER (Full-time/Part-time/Volunteer) to reduce infant blindness caused Retinopathy of Prematurity through innovative techniques and initiatives.

Company Information

ROP VN is a group of collaborative partners who engage in preventing unnecessary blindness. The targeted population are poor, rural families of infants diagnosed with Retinopathy of Prematurity infants. The location of work would be within Ho Chi Minh City in providing case management social work services.

Key location of sites includes Children Hospital 1: Eye Unit, European Eye Center, French Hospital, and other related resource support services. Our aim is early intervention which includes within three weeks of birth.

Short Job Description:

As an integral part of the ROPVN team, you would provide support, training, and clerical services for building capacity for the ROPVN program including providing training and supportive assistance to families. You will be a Team Member (level 3) which may require coordination with Team Associates (level 2) and Team Trainees (entry level 1)

Benefits: learn capacity building, and social work case management skills to improve medical outcomes and have the opportunity to use your skills to bring significant change to 6000 vulnerable pre-mature babies.


Fluency in Vietnamese, level 6.5 speaking to 7 reading/writing in English.
Computer fluency in Word, Excel, Social Media,
Well-organized, self-starter, able to work on a high performance team


1.TRAINER: Providing family education/information- present parent education on ROP power point and answer question, connect to resources.

2.REFERRALS: Go with Families to Nguyen Dinh Chieu Blind schools to and Making necessary referrals to other resource support services such as government disability payments/ government insurance/ getting medical reports. You will not directly contact the leadership of the hospital except as specifically and explicitly directed by Program Manager, meaning that in a limited case, she has given you a specific written instruction for a singular, one-time situation. After you have learned the process, you will train a Trainee. A TRAINEE is someone who will eventually do the task in item #2,

3. TEAM MEETING. Utilize group meetings for problem discussion to make the system work well. At least weekly by every Friday at 5 pm, identify problems and opportunities. Think deeply about issues and over communicate with supervisor - Program Manager. Clearly share ideas and perspectives on what you see as gaps. Present solutions. Participating in Team work with ROPVN and ND#1, includes Strategic Planning in hospital discharges. Ask Program Manager weekly about specifics in this area and share specifics with her as soon as they occur.

4. SEEK Information and consult with Supervisor and Team members…. Spend 25 % of time working to keep your supervisor informed. If you have any hindrance to fulfilling your role, then make it known as soon as possible, at least weekly.

5. Engaging in parents support groups and assisting in recording necessary documentations. Welcome the parents to the support group, Start with an ice breaker question, establish rapport, make the presentation, invite questions, and answer questions.

6. Maintaining ongoing social history documentations on each cases assigned to you by your direct supervisor. Program Manager will assign cases and will outline the forms and documentation needed and expectations for on-time measurable performance.

7. ADMIN SUPPORT. Participating in planning, trainings, and medical meetings, as well as, ROPVN meetings, including with collaborative partners as directed by Program Manager

8. Providing, as needed, translation of documentation and interpretation.

9. Being responsible, as a team mate, in handing invoices

10. Email/ post on Slack in weekly report of Tasks Performed, Plans for next week, assigned tasks but not completed, problems, opportunities

11. Assisting in administration activities in general office management and public relations: Help parents Set up Watsii for families, GoFuND#1e for families-Include this in the training. You are not to manage their accounts, you are to help them set up the accounts. After 30 days, you will train a Trainer to do this task as part of capacity building. If problems then talk to direct supervisor.

12. Be Proactive.

13. Responding to other team members in need of group work assignment of tasks.

14. Completed Staff work. Do the research, the data collection, recommend a course of action to your supervisor based on the information or situation that you
have experienced. Do not wait to be told to complete a task.

15. Other Tasks as Assigned.

Send CV and experience to [email protected].

Application due: until the position is filled.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ho Chi Minh
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2018-06-30