Call for Quotation: Materials Printing Service

Call for quotation: Materials printing service - Deadline: 07/11/2019

Objectives and scope of the consultancy

The purpose of the present call is to collect quotations from qualified firms to provide printing services according to the requirement mentioned in section 2.3 below. The requested services and goods include the materials printing.

The contracting authority reserves the right to accept or reject any and all quotations submitted, to negotiate with all qualified respondents, to modify or cancel in whole or in part this call if deemed in VVOB’s best interest to do so. Issuance of this call does not commit VVOB to award a contract, to confirm purchase orders, or to pay costs associated with proposal preparation. The selected procedure is that of an open call for quotations.

Tasks and deliverables

The assignment consists of the following tasks:

  • To provide printing service for a set of material on Gender Responsive play-based learning. The design is already prepared by VVOB Vietnam.
  • To work with the publisher and process all the paperwork needed for publishing if needed. The publishing license should obtain from the one of two publishing houses: Publishing house of Education (MOET), publishing house of Hanoi National University of Education (HNU)

Deliverables detailed expectations:

Each set of materials include 6 booklets, 4 sets of play cards, 1 container box:

  •     Booklet 1: front and back covers, 10 pages of content, A4 size
  •     Booklet 2: front and back covers, 26 pages of content, A4 size
  •     Booklet 3: front and back covers, 18 pages of content, A4 size
  •     Booklet 4: front and back covers, 22 pages of content, A4 size
  •     Booklet 5: front and back covers, 30 pages of content, A4 size
  •     Booklet 6: basic lay-outing, front and back covers, 38 pages of content, A4 size
  •     Game card set 1: size 15x15cm, 20 cards
  •     Game card set 2: size A4, 20 cards (were cut into pieces as puzzle: from 4 to 10 pieces)
  •     Envelops: 20 items, size A5
  •     Game card set 3: Size A5, 20 cards
  •     Game card set 4: size 15x15cm, 24 cards
  •     Container box: Inner size 22 x 31 x 5cm, Handle: 12 x 4cm, side cover: 15x4cm, inner cover 31 x 15cm.

Please download the call for quotation below for more details.

Call for quotation

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Thu, 2019-11-07