Call for Proposal - Purchase of Tablets and Delivery to D/BOETs


Currently, VVOB Vietnam is implementing programmes in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector and in the Primary Education (PE) sector:

  • ECE programme: “Mitigating Preschool Children’s Barriers to Learning in Disadvantaged and Ethnically Diverse Districts”- BAMI in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Kon Tum provinces (2018-2021)
  • New ECE project in pipeline “Preschool Teachers Apply Language-rich Teaching Skills and Knowledge”- TALK in Dien Bien, Quang Tri and Gia Lai (2022-2026)
  • PE project: “iPLAY Vietnam – Integrating Play-based Learning Activities among Young learners in Vietnam” in Lai Chau, Ha Giang, Thai Nguyen, Thanh Hoa, Quang Tri, Da Nang, Quang Ngai and Ho Chi Minh City (12/2019 – 11/2023)
  • New PE project: “BLEND - Blended learning for educators in a network for development” in Thai Nguyen, Quang Tri, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City (10/2021 – 03/2023)

This call focusses on the first DGD-funded programme BaMi that started in 2017 and will be completed in 2021 and the new PE project – BLEND that started in late 2021 and will be completed in 2023.

Objectives of the call

The purpose of the present call is to collect Proposals from qualified tenders to acquire 1,569 tablets and deliver those tablets to target Department /Bureau Of Education and Training (D/BOETs):

  • To provide 1,569 sets including tablets, keyboards and speakers. Technical specifications required for each set and services attached are described as follows:



Minimum specifications


Tablet and accessories


  • Operating System: Android 
  • RAM: 2G
  • Memory: 32G
  • Size screen: 8 inch or above
  • Camera front/back: 2.0/8.0
  • Internet connection: 4G/ WIFI module
  • Proofs of valid licenses for provided software


  • Keyboard
  • Speaker: bluetooth connection, less than 0.5kg weight, a 3.5mm cable to keep using the speaker when battery is low, a micro usb cable for charging
  • Tablet cover/ case


  • Installing of software (i.e. VVOB mobile app, Moodle, etc.)  and learning materials


  • To deliver these sets of goods to D/BOET’s warehouse listed in the annex with written confirmation from the recipient’s representatives.
  • Title and risk shall pass upon successful delivery to the target D/BOETs. The service provider shall be solely liable for the risk of loss and damage of the goods, including but not limited to those resulting from force majeure, natural disasters or other causes, up until successful delivery into D/BOET’s warehouse.

Budget and notes:

Our budget available for each set is VND7,100,000 (included fees for tablets, accessories and services attached, delivery services, all applicable taxes and possible expenses). Proposals above this budget will not be accepted.  

The same or different sets of goods for 1st lot and 2nd lot can be offered. Each provider can quote the fee for different options for VVOB’s consideration.  

VVOB is inviting bidders to come up with a proposal containing at least:

  • Company portfolio;
  • Company’s business registration;
  • The?financial statements of the last?3 years;
  • A quotation (including all applicable taxes and possible expenses) following the template in annex 1;
  • List of items with products’ specifications and sample photos;
  • Proposed timeline for delivery to recipients’ addresses provided by VVOB;
  • At least 3 reference contacts of past similar work. 

Proposals are sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected] and [email protected]. The closing date for proposals is November 5th 2021 

Please find attached full Call for Proposals in English and Vietnamese.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2021-11-05