Call for CVs: Research Managers, Process and Workshop Facilitators, and General Surge Support

Call for CVs – Research Managers, Process and Workshop Facilitators, and General Surge Support

**Please note: This is a position open to foreigners or Vietnamese citizens. Preference is for those based in a time zone that shares some working hours with Vietnam, though this is not required. **

Project:               USAID Learns

Position:             This call for CVs is for surge support to the Collaborative, Learning & Adapting (CLA) team on USAID Learns, in the areas of research and evaluation, program design, facilitation, and governance integration services to USAID/Vietnam and implementing partners.

I. Background

Social Impact (SI) is implementing the USAID/Vietnam Learns Contract. The scope of the five-year project is to support USAID/Vietnam staff and implementing partners (IPs) to manage more efficient, effective, and transparent programs by improving: (1) USAID and IP’s capacity to achieve expected results; (2) USAID’s understanding and tracking of project performance; and (3) collaborating, learning, & adapting (CLA).


Key Performance Objectives (KPOs)

1. Strengthen USAID/Vietnam’s, implementing partners’, and local entities’ (GVN, local organizations) institutional capacity, particularly in monitoring, evaluation, learning, collaboration and adaptive management, to achieve expected results.

2. Deepen use of monitoring, evaluation, and other types of data to support learning and improve performance at all levels.

3. Improve coordination, collaboration, and learning between USAID/Vietnam staff, Government of Vietnam (GVN), our implementing partners (IPs), and key stakeholders.


USAID Learns is developing a more robust cadre of long-term consultants that can provide surge support to staff on specific assignments/tasks. These assignments will be primarily focused on: managing research and evaluations, facilitating processes (such as program design or policy engagement) or workshops, and providing general support in organizational learning and adaptive management.

The selected consultants will be contracted by Learns to lead or support on specific assignments/tasks. Selected consultants will work with USAID, implementing partners, and Government of Vietnam (depending on the assignment) and will report to Learns’ full-time staff (each assignment may have a different supervisor).

Prior to task implementation, the selected consultant will be offered orientation sessions by Learns to become familiar with Learns processes and expectations. Selected consultants will also have the opportunity to join group reflections, such as After Action Reviews, and possible trainings to advance their professional capacity.

The level of engagement of each consultant is variable and assignment dependent. As mentioned in the application instructions, please include your estimated number of days available over the next 12 months. The initial consulting agreement will be for up to one year with the possibility of extending throughout the life of the USAID Learns contract, ending in September 2024.

Under this solicitation, SI intends to select qualified consultants and issue blanket consulting agreements (BCAs) to establish specific pricing levels and parameters for ordering services in the future. This will allow SI to issue specific Work Orders, on an as-needed basis, for the procurement of services over the length of the BCA. Once the consultant agrees to the Work Order, s/he shall furnish the services described in the Work Order. SI is only obligated to pay for services ordered through Work Orders issued under the BCA and delivered by the consultant in accordance with the terms/conditions of the BCA.  At this time, the quantify of specific services to be requested under any BCA resulting from this Call for CVs are unknown. Specific quantities will depend on the needs of the project and individual Work Orders will be issued under the BCA as the need arises for additional services. This solicitation does not commit SI to award a contract nor to a specific level of engagement. 

II. Qualifications

The consultant must have the following qualifications: 

  • At least 5 years of experience in either 1) research or evaluation coordination or management, 2) process or workshop facilitation, or 3) organizational learning.
  • Knowledge and experience in international development. Experience working with USAID is preferred, but not required.  
  • The ability to maintain high-quality work with tight deadlines, including adapting to client requests in coordination with Learns.
  • Excellent professionalism, including focus, judgment, and discretion. 
  • A Master’s degree in a relevant subject such as international development, political science, management, or organizational development or a BA/BS with equivalent years of experience.
  • Professional proficiency in writing, reading, and speaking English.

III. Illustrative Tasks

The consultant will undertake the following illustrative tasks per each applicable area. Actual tasks will be set for each specific event under each Work Order.

General (applicable across assignments)

  • Meet with client and Learns to scope assignments, design the approach to accomplish the scope, and discuss progress or deliverables with Learns and the client
  • Follow Learns’ established processes for task management (information will be provided on processes and expectations)
  • Track progress through process diaries or meeting minutes and report to Learns supervisor on progress and alert team of challenges that need to be addressed
  • Adapt to learning and feedback or changes in context
  • Ensure assignments/tasks are properly evaluated according to Learns’ standards and participate or lead After Action Reviews to improve implementation in the future.

Research and evaluation management or coordination

  • Manage the research and evaluation process, including research or evaluation team recruitment, client and stakeholder coordination, research team management, deliverable reviews, and ensuring utilization of research or evaluation findings

Process facilitation

  • Facilitate program design processes, including stakeholder coordination and workshop facilitation
  • Facilitate policy engagement processes, including stakeholder coordination and workshop facilitation

Workshop facilitation

  • Facilitate the event, meeting, or workshop
  • Coordinate administrative support to help arrange meeting space, notetaking.  

Other organizational learning or adaptive management support

  • Support training related to organizational learning or adaptive management
  • Other assignments that arise

IV. Procedure for Matching Task to Consultant

Learns will provide written requests via email to the consultant (including stage of design, time, place, duration, and any special needs, such as sectoral expertise) to determine potential fit. Exact performance standards will be established at the Work Order level. 

Learns will provide technical guidance throughout the design phase and written feedback, as necessary, and/or confirm receipt of completed work. 

V. How to apply

Apply here:

If you are interested to apply, please submit your CV with an expression of interest that highlights your relevant experience per the categories above (research or evaluation management and coordination; process facilitation; workshop facilitation; other organizational learning or adaptive management support). Not all categories need to be covered, only those that the applicant deems relevant to his/her experience. Also include a brief discussion on the values and approaches you bring to your work.  Please note that the CV and expression of interest should be made into one file for application uploading.

The closing date for application: August 15, 2021. Selection and interview will be performed on a rolling basis.

To learn more about Social Impact, please visit our website:

SI is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please, no phone calls.

Interviews may include a practical test or skill-based demonstration.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
USAID Learns - Social Impact
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2021-08-15