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Fontana promotes the prevention and reduction of harm related to chemical dependency through advocacy, networking, collaboration and by treating people for their dependency problems, in order to limit the negative effects of substance abuse known to be a major cause of premature death, interpersonal violence, disability and poverty, throughout the world. In Vietnam NGO Fontana 1. Support measures aimed at increasing access to high quality treatment services. 2. Promote evidence-informed practice and develop workforce and systems 3. Raising awareness of evidence-based addiction treatment and encourage an open dialogue with a view to promote the understanding of the concepts abstinence-based treatment and its benefits 4. Ensuring the expansion of the knowledge base, the exchange of information and the identification and dissemination of good practices 5. Increase community and workplace understanding of drug addiction as a disease 6. Develop and support CSR initiatives for “Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Programs” 7. Measuring progress

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