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Ba Dinh


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Brot für die Welt (BfdW) is a campaign of church-related development aid cooperation under the auspices of the Evangelical Regional and Free Churches in Germany. The executive lies with the head office of the Social Service Agency of the Protestant Churches in Germany (Diakonisches Werk der EKD). BfdW was founded in Berlin in 1959. On the basis of the Christian commandment "love the neighbour" BfdW wants to be instrumental in helping to overcome hunger, poverty and social deprivation in the so-called developing countries in the South by enabling the poor of these regions to help themselves. BfdW supports development activities of local partners in different fields based on the concept of partnership. Concurrent with the assistance to people in developing countries, BfdW aims to increase public understanding in Germany. This implies making people aware of the complex issues of social justice, human rights and a just global economic order through development education and advocacy. Since the year 2012, Brot für die Welt merged with its sister organisation Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (EED, Church Development Service) to a new organisation called "Brot für die Welt - The protestant development service" and relocted its headquarter to the capital of Germany, Berlin.

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