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ADDA is a Danish NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) founded in March 1994 in order to meet the need for development, emphasis being placed on Agricultural education in Southeast Asia. ADDA consists of members from a broad section of the Danish population, both teaching and advisory institutions, associations, private agro-industrial companies, and individuals with an interest in Danish development work, focusing on agriculture in Southeast Asia. ADDA recieves its financial support from the above organisations and individual members together with support from DANIDA (a department under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs). ADDA aims to assist with improving the level of self- sufficiency for the poorest parts of the Southeast Asian rural population, among others returned refugees. ADDA wishes to achieve this major objective by establishing long lasting contacts and co-operation with local NGOs in Southeast Asia. ADDA have professional capacity. The professional capacity of ADDA covers experience within agricultural consultancy, education, research, practical farming, language education, administration and management.

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