Training: Results-Based Project Management


Results-Based Project Management

Managing lasting results in the new reality of international cooperation

Why this course?

During the last decade, results-based management (RBM) has gained much influence in planning programmes for social impact. Still many organisations struggle to plan for real, impactful results with the accompanying processes and tools. RBM has consequences for the entire organisation: for project planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning. Learning how to design a solid RBM framework - in various forms – is a good first step to integrate RBM in your organisation and programmes.

Course objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn RBM in a changing context (e.g. SDGs, private sector involvement, conflict situations)
  • Learn various methods for designing results (for example: Theory of Change, Stakeholder Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Outcome Mapping)
  • Get insights in different RBM frameworks (e.g. Results Framework, Outcome Strategy Map)
  • Learn how to design a results-based monitoring & evaluation plan, including KPI’s (key performance indicators) and progress markers

Course agenda

Day 1:

  • MDGs/SDGs and Results-Based Management
  • Introduction Project Cycle & Results-Based Management
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Theory of Change analysis

Day 2:

  • Appreciative Inquiry: another technique to plan for results
  • Results Framework formulation and the Results-Chain
  • Identifying risks and assumptions: defining KPI’s
  • Risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies

Day 3:

  • Introduction to Outcome Mapping
  • Formulating an Outcome Strategy Map
  • Introduction to Results-Based monitoring
  • Data collection methods and tools, and monitoring system format

Day 4:

  • Most Significant Change (MSC) technique: planning for the unknown
  • Evaluation: prepare for an independent evaluation and design evaluation criteria
  • Certificates, end-of-training evaluation, closure.

Registrations end: 1 Jul 2019
Date: 9-12 July 2019
Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Course fee: €870 (excluding tax)
Registration link:

Your profile:

Staff of organisations involved in projects and programmes with a social impact (NGO’s, private sector organisations, UN organisations, governments), who need to master RBM concepts and tools. You want to effectively manage results-oriented projects and programmes in your own organisation or with partner organisations.  
Quote from participants “The shift from the logical framework to theory of change has already been adopted by my organisation. MDF Training & Consultancy has both practical experience and the course contents to guide us."

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