Training Course on Advanced Method Data Analysis and Writing 03- 05 August 2012

Title: Advanced Methods: data analysis | 14h

This course is designed for participants that already have some basis in social sciences methods. The main aim of the course is to further discuss data analysis (qualitative and quantitative) in social sciences. The course will address: analytical strategies based on coding of qualitative data; statistical analysis based on questionnaires. Experience sharing on difficulties in data analysis with case studies from participants’ thesis or professional work will also be addressed. The course will also make links with professional practice.

Methods for social sciences – Interviews – Coding – Analysis – Questionnaire – Statistics Analysis

- To improve data analysis;
- To apply coding strategies in qualitative and quantitative methods;
- To understand how to analyze interviews and questionnaires;
- To use statistics analysis;
- To share experiences based on thesis.

Faculty, course leaders
Module leaders

Prof. Willi Zimmerman (AIT) studied political science and directed a private research company before teaching and doing and research at Geneva University. He was Associate Professor at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and is currently Adjunct Associate Professor of AIT. He teaches Research Methodology, Public Sector Management, Public Policy Implementation and Analysis with a focus on environmentally related issues.

Dr. Alexandre Dormeier Freire (IHEID) earned a PhD in development studies. He is sociologist of education. His research focuses on education and governance issues in Indonesia and Vietnam with a special attention to skills development, labour market, social transformations, education choices, decentralization, human development and social inequalities. He is currently working on internationalization of education and Asian students’ mobility in Europe.

Date & venue: Hanoi, AITVN campus, 3, 4, 5 August 2012