Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (SANRM) Working Group meeting


This is regular meeting of Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (SANRM) Working Group. The detail agenda will be focused on:

-  Finalise the Workplan for 2012 within 6 topics:

  • Lesson learn, exchange field visits to the successful (or unsuccessful) Models on SANRM, achieved by SANRM WG organization members (INGOs, VNGOs, other stakeholders) to share experience.
  • Models of Agricultural/forestry production/management (mitigation/adaptation to Climate Change), mainstreaming environment in local development policies.
  • Policy on sustainable agriculture and Natural resource Management, investment from government on sustainable agriculture. Supporting the poor to better access to the services (public, role of private sector..)
  • Policy advocacy/dialogues with government and other stakeholders for livelihood improvement of the poor (agricultural extension), experiences on advocacy on Natural Resource Management.
  • To make a mapping of ongoing projects/programs in agriculture and rural development, planning (Matrix on WHO DOING WHAT amongst SANRM members).
  • Food security/food safety and impact of changing global market prices, supply, demand on Vietnam Food Security. Food security linkage with market -based approaches for small farmer

-  Review of previous "First Learning Forum"
-  Planning for the next Learning Forum
-   AOB (from other members)

Further information, please contact the Group Chairman Mr. [email protected]