Result – Based Project Management

CECEM would like to announce the training course on Result – based Project Management which will be held in July 2011 as follows:
Result – based management in general and result- based project management in particular is an emerging trend. There have been an increasing number of donors and investors focusing on project effectiveness (short - term and long-term) and project impacts; they require that projects and programs to be managed well (e.g. the internal and external conditions, and risks) in order to achieve all levels of project results -output, outcomes and impacts- other than to achieve only project outputs.

CECEM therefore held the training course on Result – based project Management (RBM) to improve capacity for project managers, project officers and project partners in this field.

Objectives of the course: By the end of the training course, participants will be able to:  Explain the concept of result – based project management, explain the reason why they should apply RBM and the method of RBM.

Specific expected results: By the end of the training, participants will be able to: 

1. Answer the questions:
What is RBM?
What are the differences between RBM and activity-based project management (ABM)?
How is the application of RBM?
Trend of using/ applying RBM among donors and funding agencies.

2. Identify:
RBM framework
Different levels of project results; identify the link between RBM and levels of project results

3. Analyze the feasibility of project ideas and RB project design and planning
4. Identify contents and focus of RB monitoring and evaluation; method of RB monitoring and evaluation
5. Identify structure and key contents of RB report and how to prepare a RB report
6. Practice: Analysis of project ideas, RB project design and planning; other contents based on the needs of participants.

Training period: 3 days ( 6 - 8  July 2011)
Training location: Ha Noi
Language: Vietnamese
Fee: USD 250 (excluding food, accommodation and travel)

For further information of the course, please contact:
CECEM Office
53 A, Le Van Huu Str, Ha Noi
Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang
Tel:     04.39447060, extension 216
Fax:    04.39447061
Email:    [email protected]