MDF Training Course: Result-Based Management



During the last decade, Results-Based Management (RBM) has gained much influence in international cooperation. Still many organisations struggle to plan for real results with the accompanying processes and tools. RBM has consequences for the entire organisation: for project planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning. Learning how to design a solid RBM framework - in various forms – is a good first step to integrate RBM in your organisation.


  • Learn RBM in a changing context (e.g. SDGs, private sector involvement, conflict situations)
  • Learn various methods for designing results (for example: Problem Tree, Stakeholder Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Outcome Mapping)
  • Get insights in different RBM frameworks (e.g. Logical Framework, Theory of Change, Outcome Map)
  • Learn how to design a results-based monitoring & evaluation plan, including KPIs (key performance indicators or progress markers)
  • Learn to present results in short and concise ways.


  • Day 1: MDGs/SDGs and Results Based Management, Introduction Project Cycle & Results-Based Management, Stakeholder analysis, Problem analysis & Objective Analysis
  • Day 2: Result Framework formulation / Logical Framework, Theory of Change and comparison to Logical Framework, Identifying Risks and Assumptions, Appreciative Inquiry: another technique to plan for results
  • Day 3: Introduction to Outcome Mapping, Key Performance Indicators and Progress Markers, Introduction to Results Based Monitoring, Data collection methods and tools and monitoring system format
  • Day 4: Results-based data presentation / reporting, Most Significant Change (MSC) technique for story capturing, Evaluation criteria, Certificates, end -of-training evaluation, closure


Staff of organisations involved in international cooperation, who need to master RBM concepts and tools. You want to effectively manage results-oriented projects and programmes in your own organisation or with partner organisations


  • Dates/location: 9 – 12 October 2018/Bangkok, Thailand
  • Fee: EUR 830 (lunch, refreshments & training materials are included)
  • Registration link:
  • Registration deadline: 1 October 2018
  • Special offers: 10% discount to MDF Alumni who attended 01 course within the past 2 years, 01 free place for a group of 06 registrations from the same organisation for the same course