Market Research & Analysis Training Course

1. Background
Vietnam Red Cross Society (VNRC) is one of the leading organizations in implementing humanitarian activities. VNRC is cooperating with other ministries and international partners to work in community development programs and employment support for People with Disabilities (PwD).
Spanish Red Cross (SRC) has been present in Viet Nam since 2002. Over previous years, SRC and its local partner - the Viet Nam Red Cross (VNRC) have cooperated  in several programs, including organizational capacity building, emergency response, disaster preparedness/management, vocational training and micro-credit.
The project “Supporting the socio-economic integration and employment for people with disabilities in regions of intervention of the Spanish Cooperation in Vietnam” was launched last October and it will be implemented by VNRC with the support of SRC during the coming 4 years. This project is funded by AECID – the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to reduce the vulnerability of People with Disabilities in Vietnam.
 VNRC is implementing the intervention in Hung Yen and Lam Dong provinces during the first phase (Oct 2010 – Feb 2012). In order to support this process, VNRC and SRC with the support of DoLISA (Department of Labor) in Lam Dong and Hung Yen will conduct a local market research and analysis of the 6 involved districts (3 in each province)

2. Objective and scope of work:
2.1. Objective:  Provide a training course on market research and analysis, collecting and processing data for the final report to project staff. The training will allow SRC and VNRC to produce a comprehensive and detail report that will support the project staff to have a clear picture of the local employment market, advice PwD (People with Disabilities) and address the most suitable companies to engage.
2.2. Scope of works:
- After the training course, every participant will: 
- Understand well conceptual framework for marketing.
- Knowledge and capacity to apply key techniques for information gathering and analysis (focused on market analysis)
- Identify and elaborate marketing strategies adapted to PwD.
- Information system (data base and other controlling mechanisms)
- Cross-cutting issues such as improved interview, negotiation, communication and counseling skills of VNRC staff
3. Targeted participants and Training Methodology
The training will have to be designed and carried out with a participatory approach, including methodologies such as brainstorming, group work, case study, role play, allow participants to share their experience and understanding, and learn from each another.
The targeted participants for the training will have the following profile:
- NHQ Employment Unit (Social Work Department)
- VNRC Project staff at provinces and districts in the 2 provinces and 6 districts.
- SRC staff
- Estimated total number of participants: 20 approximately. They are all involved in the project implementation and most of them have knowledge and experience - at some level - of need assessment, management of job creation/placement, income generation, and community development.

Trainers are expected to deliver the training in the 2 provinces: one training will be organized in Lam Dong and one training will be organized in Hung Yen.

4. Expected results and products
After the training, the participants successfully carries out a market research in the field and produce a consistent report about the situation of the employment and labour market situation in the intervention areas.

The participants have:
- Gained knowledge on marketing.
- Understanding and capacity to apply key techniques for collection and analysis of market information.
- Practical Labor market analysis conducted (qualitative and quantitative methodology)
- Improved capacity on writing skills: standard formats and reports.
- Cross cutting component on communication and counseling skills

The selected consultant will have to deliver a Final Report of the Training both in English and Vietnamese and will commit to dedicate one working day to review the Market Analyses Report prepared by participants and submit comments on it for improvement.

5. Submission of proposals:
The proposals must include:
- A technical proposal, including the detail support that the consultant will provide to the detail training curriculum, including methodologies and resources (Maximum 10 pages)
- A human resources proposal, including CV of the consultant/trainer highlighting relevant qualifications, experience and references.
- A detailed economic proposal considering an adequate use of the economic resources in each stage of the assessment, and a detail breakdown budget
The proposal shall be presented in English in electronic format before 31st December 2011 to the following e-mail addresses:
[email protected] and [email protected]