Introduction to Designing and Conducting Stated Preference Studies

Center for Health System Research, Hanoi Medical University would like to announce to you about a short-term training course with following details:
- Name of the course: “Introduction to designing and conducting stated preference studies”
- Time: 05 – 07 October, 2011 (03 days)
- Venue: Hanoi Medical University

Training objectives:
- To introduce participants to the use of stated preference (SP) methods to elicit household and/or individual preferences for water, sanitation and health services and/or health outcomes.
- To provide a “hands on” experience in developing a SP study through various group exercises and discussion.
- To illustrate some of the many benefits of SP studies, including measuring willingness to pay, estimating service uptake, assisting subsidy analysis, identifying/valuing relevant service features/health outcomes, and estimating benefit-risk tradeoffs.

Instructor: Ms. Jui-Chen Yang, Research Economist, Health Preference Assessment, RTI
Health Solutions (Taiwan)
Language: English (with summary in Vietnamese)
Requirement: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Stata and having a laptop

Course fee:
Free to members of the CoE Network and CHSR
2.500.000 VND/person (Course folder, CD, stationery and tea break)
Registration deadline: By 5 pm on 25 September 2011
For registration, please send Application form (as in attached file) to:
Ms. Le Hong Chung
Center for Health System Research
Address: Room 408, A1 Building, Hanoi Medical University
01 Ton That Tung, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Mobile: 0168.385.9470
Email: [email protected]