Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development (ISCD)

Half of the Earth's population is living in coastal areas and the population density here is the double compared to the global average. Coastal zones all over the world are exposed to serious challenges related to over population and to competitive use of resources and ecosystem services from activities such as agriculture, fishery, tourism, urbanisation and industry. Sensitive ecosystems and negative effects from climate change increase the importance of a sustainable development and the need for an integrated planning and management, where the needs and rights of poor people are taken into account.

Through this international training programme we aim at a long term contribution to sustainable development of these coastal areas. The programme focuses on nature conservation, integration and stakeholder participation, spatial planning as a tool for development with inclusion of women, youth and other vulnerable groups in the planning process

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The Application should be submitted to the appropriate Swedish Embassy/Consulate at the latest on October 19, 2012.

The Embassy/Consulate will forward it to the programme secretariat. If no appropriate Swedish Embassy/Consulate in the country, please submit the application directly to the secretariat at the latest on October 19, 2012.

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