Human Resource Management in an International Context Training

Human Resource Management in an International context training | 27-30 Nov 2018 | Hanoi, Vietnam

Managing the HR function is an important role whatever the size or purpose of the organization. There is a growing recognition that HR skills will be even more significant in the coming work revolution of people and machine connectedness.

In our Human Resource Management in an International Context training you will review the work of the HRM role and refresh skills required to be strategically effective.  There will be opportunity to share particular HR challenges and learn from participants from all over the world.

Join our course to:

  • Understand the purpose and the challenges of the HRM role today.
  • Have clarity about the roles HR plays in organisations and refresh some of the skills related to your professional development.
  • Take away principles to guide your organization in designing key HR systems.
  • Enhance your understanding of doing HR work across different cultures.
  • Have approaches and skills to support leaders in their work of positive organizational change.

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