.Fund raising and Resource Mobilization; Project Monitoring and Evaluation

CECEM would like to announce the two training courses which will be held in August 2011 as follows:

1.Fund raising and Resource Mobilization (1 - 4 August 2011)
Target participants: This a course for those who participate in fund raising, such as project coordinators, project staff, managers at partner institutions of    development projects.
Participating at the Fund raising and Resource Mobilization training course, the learners will be able to promote the visibility of their project/organisation and know how to find potential sponsorship, as well as to analyse elements that influence the sponsorship. The learners will have opportunities to practice skills to implement a successful fund raising.

Training period: 1 – 4 August 2011 (4days)                                                                     
Training location: Ha Noi
Language: Vietnamese
Training fee: 320USD

2. Project Monitoring and Evaluation ( 15-19/8/2011)
Target participant: This course is designed for project/programme officers and counterparts who are responsible for project management and implementation.
Participants will be provided with knowledge, methods and PRA tools needed to develop a participatory monitoring and evaluation system and coordinate project monitoring and implementation effectively, ensuring the achievement of project goals and objectives.

Training period:       15 – 19 August 2011 ( 5 days)
Training location:     Ha Noi
Language:             Vietnamese
Fee:                     USD 450 (excluding food, accommodation and travel)

For further information of the course, please contact:
CECEM Office
53 A, Le Van Huu Str, Ha Noi
Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang
Tel:     04.39447060, extension 216
Fax:    04.39447061
Email:    [email protected]
Website: www.cecem.org