Basic and Advanced Data Analysis

Sambodhi Research & Management Institute is pleased to announce the Training Programme on Basic and Advanced Data Analysis using SPSS to be held at New Delhi from January 19-21, 2012.
The purpose of the training programme is to augment knowledge and skills of strategic and operational level functionaries involved with data analysis. Specifically, the programme focuses at:

- Developing better understanding of basic concepts of statistics
- Developing requisite skills to bring-in and transform data using SPSS
- Enhancing knowledge and develop skills for selecting and performing appropriate analysis
- Augmenting knowledge and skills for interpretation and presentation of analysis

The course shall provide:
- 18-24 hours of tutorial
- Reading and reference materials
- Rigorous  hands on practice
- Complementary advisory and troubleshooting support services through electronic media

If you are interested in the programme please send an email for the flyer and registration form. You may also avail discount on early and group registrations.
They shall be happy to answer any queries that you may have in this regard.

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