Training Workshop on Cultural Diversity Programming Lens for NGO Staff and National/Sectoral Programme Managers of Governmental Ministries and Organizations

Culture is a determining factor for the relevance, failure and success of development interventions, often overlooked by policy makers and programme officers. Efficient programming needs to take into account that cultural diversity is not only a reality, but also an engine for development and part of an international commitment. Based on this premise, the UN PCG Sustainable Development will offer NGO staff and national/sectorial programme managers of government ministries and organizations a training workshop on Cultural Diversity Programming Lens - an interdisciplinary tool to promote principles of cultural diversity in programming and make projects and programmes culturally acceptable for all targeted groups. The training will be organized for one day, September 9 (Thursday), and facilitated by a team of specialists from UNESCO’s Regional Office in Bangkok and national experts on culture.

The target audience of this training is programme managers or in-charge staff involved in programming work of the agencies and organizations. One nominee per agency is requested. For registration and further information, please contact Nguyen Tien Dung at UNESCO Hanoi by cellphone: 0936 05 07 68, office tel.: 37470275, ext. 37, e-mail: [email protected] before 1 September 2009 (Wednesday) or click here for the tentative agenda.