SPARK National Director

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and partners (CECODES, PACT and SRD) are creating the innovative Local Capacity Development Facility (SPARK) aimed at promoting the capacity development service market in Vietnam, especially in the poorer areas, that supports Vietnamese organizations in Scaling Local Solutions for Poverty Reduction by:
1. Creating opportunity for social entrepreneurs, local organisations, to express demand for poverty related Capacity Development Support,
2. Enhancing the outreach and quality of Capacity Development Support, and
3. Redirecting financial flows to the local level and tapping local resources.

SPARK is looking for a dynamic and qualified Vietnamese candidate to fill in the post of: SPARK National Director

Main responsibilities: The National Project Director is accountable to the Governing Board and will have the following responsibilities:

1. Strategic positioning
Develops strategic direction and policies for SPARK in Vietnam for approval by the Governing Board and keeps it updated with external changes.  

2. SPARK general management
- Prepare and submit an annual plan and report,
- Leads the SPARK team to implement the approved annual plan (i.e. identification and scaling of local solutions, CDS market facilitation, fund raising, etc.), strategy and policies of the SPARK,
- Reports quarterly on all activities and SPARK performance to the Governing Board and relevant donors/investors,
- Manage human and financial resources based on guidelines approved by the Governing Board in a transparent and accountable manner,
- Steers the support processes within the SPARK and ensures the smooth functioning of the SPARK as an organization.

3. Representing and profiling for the SPARK
- Represents the SPARK Vietnam and signs agreements on behalf of the SPARK,
- Promotes SPARK and its brand

4. Fund raising and partnership development
- Identify interested donors/investors, acting upon fund raising opportunities as part of a broad investment strategy
- Manage effective relationship with donors/investors
- Establishes and manages partnership and networks with partners and other stakeholders, including donors and the government in Vietnam and with international partners
- Linking the SPARK Vietnam with SPARK international

5. Review and learning
- Holds the final responsibility for CDS market monitoring and  manages follow up actions
- Ensures the SPARK services are systematically reviewed with users (CD providers, local solutions owners, funding applicants and/or SPARK ambassadors) and lessons learned are shared, used and applied in SPARK services.

Requirements: Candidates have the following profile
- Passionate about social entrepreneurship for poverty reduction
- Connected with Vietnamese philanthropy, and or Capacity Development Service providers, and good relationships with government, donors and private sector
- Demonstrates strong, visionary leadership
- Proactive and entrepreneurial, with excellent team work, networking, and persuasion skills.
- Strong on communication, fund raising and financial management skills.
- At least 5-years relevant experience in a project, an organisation or a business; experience with international organisations is a plus.
- Master degree in development, economic, social studies, or related field
- Excellent communication skills in both Vietnamese and English.

Application procedure
Interested persons should submit their letter of motivation, recent curriculum vitae in English to:
SNV Netherlands Development Organization; 6th Floor, Building B, La Thanh Hotel, 218 Doi Can, Hanoi, Vietnam or by E-mail to: [email protected] before 6th August 2010.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2010-08-06