Senior Programme Assistant

Job summary
To provide operational, logistical management and technical assistance to the program “Comprehensive PMTCT services for especially vulnerable women in Vietnam” and other programs or projects of HIV team of MCNV especially in Dien Bien and Ha Giang.
The position is based in Hanoi with regular travel to the provinces.

Report to:
Directly to Program Officer

1. Need assessment for development
- Use participatory methods (PRA tools) successfully in needs assessment exercise.  Lead the sessions smoothly. Stakeholders participate enthusiastically.  Good data is collected.  See the values of participation of stakeholders in the exercise.
- Gain in-depth understanding of community life and their development needs resulting from the exercise.  Provide convincing arguments with relevant supporting evidences in data processing and decision making sessions afterward.
- Assist with the planning and design of project activities
- Integrate knowledge on community life and their development needs in the programme design workshop to make programme highly relevant, feasible, and risk preventive.

2. Programme Implementation and Monitoring
- Make personal work plan in accordance with work plans of team.
- Implement plans that have been made, meet deadlines in plans, provide updates on (individual) work progress update at regular team meetings. Report problems timely and accurately for support from senior team members.
- Work in an organized work manner.
- Show understanding of programme monitoring system and individual’s role in programme monitoring as assigned by team.
- Assist in budget estimation for activities based on proposals, contracts and on discussions with counterparts using participatory methods

Properly file plans, reports and other documentation related to projects and programs, keeping program and project administration in order, with particular attention to the need for both HIV and MCNV general teams to keep track of activities and expenditures according to the source of funds

- Assist in project administration by drafting and answering letters and filing correspondence
- Assist in the development of program documents by preparing tables, forms and entering data
- Assist organization for meetings, workshops and trainings, including preparing logistics, checking of curricula, tools and estimated budgets
- Translate documents from Vietnamese to English and vice versa as and when required.
- Assist in other activities and tasks as required

3. Monitoring Reporting
Collect narrative reports and other information from counterparts in time and write analytical report on programme activities for various internal and external reports.   Report should present evaluation of activity results, logical and convincing explanation of evaluated results through analysis of relevance of activity content, methods of conduction, quality and quantity of input resources (people, money, time) and other relevant aspects.

4. Soft part in programme management
- Show learningful attitude and capacity to learn effectively while working with technical consultants.
- Assist consultants well through supportive attitude, good communication, and enthusiastic participation where applicable.
- Create and maintaining effective filing of consultants profiles.
- Initiate, maintain and develop genuine partnership with programme partner.

5. Professional requirements
- Apply foundational (basic) knowledge in the chosen field of specialization.  Show understanding of technical contents in programme documents, programme training materials on technical topics, understands team discussions on technical issues.
- Provide assistance in literature reviews required by the project.
- Provide support on organization and logistics arrangement to conduct research/survey in the field.
- Assist in data analysis.

6. Team and organisational management
- Read and understand work plans of programme team. 
- Be a good, helpful and sharing team member, contributing to healthy team work.
- Be clear of responsibility and authority levels among admin. finance, and POs working in the same programme. Be willing to provide extra support  beyond normal responsibility to team members when necessary
- Participate and understand what is going on in organisational meetings

Requirements for all MCNV employees:
Everyone who works for MCNV is expected to show the following characteristics in the performance of their tasks:

- Be pro-active in sharing information regarding office activities and project or other relevant issues
- Be helpful and supportive and maintain a good relationship with other members of their team and of MCNV
- Maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty
- Ensure appropriate use of MCNV funds
- Maintain a good relationship with project partners, based on mutual respect, transparency and accountability, recognizing that MCNV activities can only function on the basis of good partnership
- Perform the work to the benefit of the aims and policies of the MCNV
- Refrain from communicating any internal information, either in documents or verbally, to outsiders without the explicit approval of the relevant adviser and/or the CR in Vietnam
- Avoid any actions or expressions, which would damage the good name of the MCNV
- Carry out their work to the best of their knowledge and ability at all times, and never neglect the aims and priorities of MCNV.
Qualifications and Requirements
- Vietnamese national
- Academic qualification in a relevant field such as social science, public health, medicine, economics, anthropology
- Able and willing to travel regularly to projects and partners in and outside Hanoi
- Excellent communication skills in Vietnamese and English
- Good administrative skills and experience in office administration
- Some financial management experience at the level of office expenditure monitoring
- Excellent computer skills related to program administration and data management; willingness to learn new software when needed
- Interest in both research and operational programs on gender, ethnic minorities, poverty and HIV/AIDS
- Ability to communicate and work with people from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team
- Some previous experience of research and analysis preferred
- Having good references and able to provide a sample of own written work

Development opportunities
This is a fulltime position for the duration of the project (up to end of 2011). Training opportunities on the job are available as long as they are related to the tasks of the employee.

To apply
Please send your resume and a writing sample of your (independently) written work to Ms. Vu Thuy Quynh at: [email protected]

A written test and an interview are part of the recruitment procedure.


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2009-10-31