National Consultants Develop Guidelines for Analyzing Data for Use in District Socio-Economic Development Planning cum Establishment of Planning Standards and Indicators

1. POSITION: Three (3) National Consultants (English-speaking Vietnamese)
2. CLOSING DATE: 5th November 2009
3. HIRING DATE: November 2009
4. DURATION: November 2009 to February 2010
5. LOCATION: 4 floor, Department of Home Affairs (DoHA), Cao Bang town

The Support to Public Administration Reform in Cao Bang (SPAR-CB) is a project jointly funded by the Swiss Government and the Government of Vietnam, and technically supported by Helvetas Switzerland through its Helvetas Office in Hanoi. The goal is to support sustainable and equitable development and poverty reduction in line with the Cao Bang 5-year Socio-Economic Development Plan
2006-2010. SPAR-CB is now in its 3 year of operation and will end until 31 December 2010.

The Consultants will develop Guidelines for analyzing data for use in District Socio-Economic Development planning cum establishment of Planning Standards and Indicators. From the 3 Consultants, one will act as Team Leader to be chosen by them. The time allocation for the Team Leader is approximately 29 days while the other 2 Consultants will be 23 days each. The team will only be traveling 3 times to Cao Bang with a total duration of 13 days. The bulk of the work will be done at the Consultants’ place of work/residence.
The detailed job description is stipulated in the Terms of Reference (ToR) that can be requested from the Project Officer or Senior Technical Advisor of SPAR-CB from the address below.

a) Compulsory
1. Master’s degree (or higher) in development planning, or any related field.
2. Experienced in the making of Socio-Economic Development Plans (SEDPs).
3. Sound knowledge in speaking and writing in English.
4. Computer skills in word processing and spreadsheet applications.

b) Preferred
1. Knowledgeable on setting up Development Target Indicators and conduct of data analysis for planning purposes.
2. Experienced in conducting training, preferably on development planning.
3. Ability to convey knowledge into practical application and output-oriented results. Excellent interpersonal communication and team work skills.
4.  It is preferred that the 3 Consultants should come from only one Consulting Firm or Group to maintain synergy and ease of coordination.

Send your letter of intent and comprehensive CV (both English and Vietnamese) to:
Ms. Nong Thi Ha
Project Officer, SPAR-CB
E-Mail Address: “Ha Nong Thi” <[email protected]>
Telephone Number: 0979-718-869
Copy to: Jose Ruiz Jr (Senior Technical Advisor), E-Mail: “joeruiz” [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Support to Public Administration Reform in Cao Bang (SPAR-CB) project
Cao Bang province
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2009-11-05