National Consultant - To Research and Develop Evaluation Indicators, Survey and Assess Quality of Public Service Delivery of One-stop Shop at District Level

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) is assigned by the Government of Vietnam to implement a project for “Strengthening the capacity of Vietnamese Government’s agencies in accelerating and improving PAR efficiency and effectiveness”. The project consists of 4 main components as follows: 1) Public Administration Reform process management and policy development strengthened; 2) Alternatives public service delivery reforms assessed and piloted; 3) Local government reform; 4) PAR communication/information improved and PAR partnership strengthened.
Regard to Component 2 - Alternatives public service delivery reforms assessed and piloted the expected output is Quality of Public Administrative Service Delivery provided by district government and one-stop shop improved. In accordance with the AWP 2009 approved by UNDP and MOHA, the project will provide technical assistance (national consultant) to conduct research and reach consensus on the definition of indicators being applied in assessing the quality of public service delivery (PSD) of one-stop shop (OSS) at district level. Based on the consensus of indicators, surveys will be undertaken to provide a general overview of the effectiveness and quality of OSS at district level lately, in a number of selected central provinces and cities. Concurrently, the application of the indicators will be piloted in order to evaluate PSD of OSS at district level in a number of central provinces in 2010. If the pilots are successful, the set of indicators will be applied in assessing every OSS at district level nation-wide.
The project now welcomes CVs from National Individual Consultants to provide consultancy in implementation of the component 2.2. The consultant’s objective is to conduct research and develop a set of indicators being used in evaluating PSD of OSS at district level. Conduct surveys and assessment of OSS in a number of selected districts.  Please see more at the Term of Reference (in both English and Vietnamese, attached) for details.
CVs and all supported documents should be sent to:
MoHA Public Administration Reform Project
100 Tue Tinh,  Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Attention: Ms. Tran Thi Thu Trang
Administrative Assistant
Tel. (84-4) 39454135,   Fax: (84-4) 39454097 MOB. 0904149436
Email: project [email protected] (with copy to [email protected]
Deadline for submission:
22 October 2009, 05.00 p.m (Ha Noi time)

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
MoHA Public Administration Reform Project
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2009-10-22