Governance and Management of NPOs/NGOs; NGO Accreditation: Global Best Practices

WANGO (World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations) and QSA global Services organize the international training workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam
Upcoming courses in December, 2009

1. Governance and Management of NPOs/NGOs
Overview of the Course
Successful NGOs provide high quality services to beneficiaries. Competition among NGOs in the delivery of services and in the acquisition of donor funding is rising. The current global financial retreat has further worsened the situation, making only those with the requisite experience, creativity and knowledge to forge ahead in the face of our trying periods. To achieve success, NGOs have to continually improve and professionalize their work, which puts more and more demands on the management and leadership of an organization.
This 5-day comprehensive course therefore is specifically designed to provide you with core knowledge; practical skills and tools to govern, manage and lead effectively a nonprofit organization.
Participants will train themselves in the dynamics of communication, team building, networking and financial sustainability. Special attention is given to the participants' behavioral competencies in managing and leading an NGO. Solid governance and a well-functioning board are crucial for the sustainability of the organization.
Participants can select a topic of their choice among the subjects of the course to develop an individual project for their organization or for their own use. Such projects can be discussed in working groups. As a participant, you will receive an individual consultation with the trainer to develop and complete your project.
For Whom?
The course will benefit in particular:
- Project and Programme Managers
- Team leaders
- Founders and Board Members of NGOs
- Newly appointed Directors and Department heads of NGOs
- Consultants who carry out assignments for NGOs.
How you and your organization will benefit - Learning Objectives
On  this course, participants will be able to:
- Understand the role and challenges of the global NGO trend
- Formulate and carry out a plan for the self-assessment of an NGO
- Learn how to define the vision, mission and goals of an NGO
- Enhance team building processes
- Learn how to negotiate successfully and how to resolve conflicts
- Improve communication and reporting skills
- Gain insight into networking and partnership approaches
- Distinguish between leadership and management
- Foster professional competencies to manage and lead an NGO
- Gain insight into governance and board development
- Learn how to develop a successful human resources policy
- Gain more knowledge on the International Code of Ethics and Conduct for NGOs
Individual consultation
As participant, you can obtain an individual consultation from the trainer during the course on how to further develop a project of your own, or on another subject of your choice.
Course code: WANGO-01
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Lecturer: From WANGO
Language: English
Date: 15 - 19, December 2009
Duration: 5 days
Course fee: € 500 (covers course materials, tea-break and international certificate)

2. NGO Accreditation: Global Best Practices
Now, more than ever before, there is dramatic increase in the importance, number and diversity of NGOs. They bring an unprecedented vitality and ability to bear on crucial issues related to global wellbeing. Their often single-minded commitment and strong devotion affords them a civic power that other institutions may lack.
With this increased importance comes increased responsibility. NGOs have the responsibility to be transparent, honest, accountable and ethical, to give out accurate information, and to not manipulate situations for the personal benefits of their Boards.
Unfortunate, there are many actors in the NGO Community worldwide that are neither responsible nor ethical. Some NGOs may have started with the highest ideals; but they now tolerate practices that were previously unacceptable. Ironically, many NGOs do not even understand the standards that they should be applying to their activities and governance.
Whether as an NGO, INGO or Civil Society organization, having acceptance depend largely on the above ethical demand and articulated strategies as a must for both survival and success. This two-day training workshop on NGO Accreditation and Global Best Practices will give you a deeper understanding of these ethical challenges and the adoption of internal enforcement of a suitable code.
Whatever your role, this course will help you be more effective at developing and contributing to your organization’s strategy and give you the confidence to maximize your creative input.
Course code: WANGO-02
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Lecturer: From WANGO
Language: English
Date: 22 - 23, December 2009
Duration: 2 days
Course fee: € 300 (covers course materials, tea-break and international certificate).
To register, please request for participation form by sending an email (request application form). Please state participant’s name, organization, position, email and telephone. Also visit: to learn more about them.
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