Executive Director

The Microfinance Working Group (MFWG) was established in 2004 as a forum for microfinance practitioners, policy makers, and individuals/organizations that concern about microfinance to share knowledge, experience and to do policy advocacy. After more than 6 years in operation, the MFWG (or Group in short) has gained significant achievements as well as attracted international support for the acceleration of Vietnam’s microfinance industry.
In order for the Group to work effectively and efficiently in the transition toward a Viet Nam Microfinance Association, we would need an Executive Director.
Working place: Hanoi
Due date for application: August 16th, 2010

Job description:
1. Strategic planning and implementation:
- Responsible for coordinating the formulation  of the strategic planning for the Group  (for 3-5 years to come), including determining products and key services with the support and approval from  the Standing Committee (SC);
- Responsible for coordinating the formulation and implementation of the annual work plan of the Group to be submitted for the approval of the Standing Committee;
- Supporting the Standing Committee to maintain and improve the  organizational structure of Group including the development and maintenance of the Group’s organizational culture;
- Responsible for studying and developing policies and procedures for the Group based on domestic and international experience/practice in microfinance industry;
2. Representation:
- Responsible for establishing and maintaining the culture of sharing and supporting among member organizations of the Group, especially among Microfinance practicing institutions;
- Responsible for establishing and maintaining strategic relationship with different sponsors to ensure their support and to protect reputation for Group members with the aid of the SC;
- Responsible for developing and sustaining the relationship with governmental organizations in order to enable MFWG’s policy advocacy
3. Products and services:
- Responsible for studying and designing products for MFWG in order to provide the best support to member organizations’ activities in accordance with appropriate periods;
- Responsible for coordinating fund raising activities and proposal development, being the focal person in negotiation and finalization of domestic and international funded projects, under the guidance of the SC.
- Responsible for delivering Group’s products and services to member’s organization and partners, ensuring quality and reputation (visits and studies to exchange experience, sharing information on the website, Etc.)
- Responsible for establishing and maintaining regular reporting system in accordance to MFWG’s regulations on operation and requirement of donors, ensuring being submitted and approved by SC
4. Training staff
- Responsible for regular evaluation of the staff as well as designing human resource development plan for MFWG to make sure of effective operation;
- Responsible for determining and arranging human resources, which ensures different tasks are carried out properly and effectively including official staffs and volunteers
- Responsible for identifying training needs and criteria of the MFWG office staff as well as creating an appropriate and enabling working environment for all office staff 
- Responsible for proposing, recruiting as well as promoting staffs working in MFWG office, monitoring their performance and help building their capacity.
- Responsible for connecting and chairing SC‘s regular and irregular meetings with the assistance of the staffs
5. Financial management
- Overall responsible for financial management of the Group
- Responsible for approval of expenses and financial planning as approved by SC  
- Responsible for selecting and designing an effective financial and accounting management system for the Group to meet donors’ requirements and criteria of financial management. 
- Responsible for approving monthly and annually financial reports including submitting to SC as well as authorities and donors
- Responsible for reviewing the financial accounting system biannually, including balancing internal and external resources.
- Regularly analyzing and evaluating financial positions of MFWG in order to advise SC to make the best decision for different periods.

Requirement criteria:
- University graduate and beyond, specialized in Economics
- At least 5 years of direct working experience and 3 years in similar positions (supervised at least 3 staffs )
- Fluent in English
- Experience in banking and finance sector is preferable
- Knowledge and experience in Microfinance would be helpful
- Good communication skills, particularly in negotiation and discussions
- Able to work independently and as group ( members of the Group are from different regions and countries)
- Able to work under pressure
- Be responsible, enthusiastic, honest and transparent 
- Expert in Microsoft applications, WinWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc
- Willing to travel on field trips as required, and work occasionally in area with difficult conditions
- The Group does not discriminate people by age, gender and this is a non smoking environment

Salary is competitive to NGOs and is negotiable. The successful candidate will be offered many in-country and international training opportunities.
Only interview those with the applications that passed the first round.
They do not return application
Application form and CV with sufficient information are kindly sent to
[email protected] or via post to
Nhóm công tác TCVM Vi?t Nam, phòng 315,F4  Khu ?ô thi Yên Hòa,Trung Yên, C?u Gi?y, Hà N?i
Tel:04 62691824

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Microfinance Working Group (MFWG)
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2010-08-16