Consultancy Service to Develop a Training Curriculum and Provide Training on Provider-Initiated HIV Counselling and Testing (PICT) Focused on Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) and Tuberculosis and HIV Co-Infection (TB/HIV)

Development Center for Public Health (DCPH) is looking for qualified consultancy service to develop a training curriculum and provide training on Provider-Initiated HIV Counselling and Testing (PICT) focused on prevention of mother to child HIV transmission (PMTCT) and Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection (TB/HIV).
1. Introduction
DCPH is a VNGO found in 2006 under the umbrella of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA). DCPH envisions a Vietnam where the people not only are ensured for health rights
and enjoy appropriate health services, but fulfil their obligations to ensure both physical and mental health of community and individuals.
Working in field of research and apply of methodologies, approaches and technologies in public health sector, DCPH’s mission is to contribute to improvement of public health and socialisation of health care in Vietnam through:
- Implementing projects for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment support and care support;
- Implementing projects for community health;
- Advocacy in HIV/AIDS and public health sector.
- Conducting researches and applying science and technology in public health sector;
- Providing services in public health sectors in popularisation of medical and health knowledge; dissemination of health policies; consultancy, training, monitoring, evaluation, workshop, communication in public health sector.
- Cooperating with organisations and individuals to mobilise and diversify resources for improvement of public health.
2. Background
Provider-initiated HIV counselling and testing (PICT) occurs in health facilities as either a routine part of medical care or for purposes of clinical diagnosis. In PITC, health care providers explain that it is a regular part of the facility’s medical care to routinely offer HIV testing. The main purpose of PICT is to allow clinical decisions to be made or medical services to be provided that would not be possible without knowing an individual’s HIV status.
The PITC model is often used in health care settings, such as tuberculosis (TB) clinics, sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinics, prenatal clinics, and medical wards with high prevalence of HIV, TB, and/or STIs. In regions with a high HIV/AIDS prevalence, PICT may also occur in other in-patient wards, out-patient departments, and primary care clinics.
Under PEPFAR support and being implemented by cooperation between Development Center for Public Health (DCPH) and Military Medical Department (MMD), the project “Capacity building for military health personnel on HIV/AIDS care and treatment, PMTCT and TB/HIV co-infection” aims to build professional capacity for military health staffs who provide directly PMTCT services and HIV/TB
co-infection as well as other care and treatment services.
To support capacity building for military medical personnel at military hospitals and military health units in regions, DCPH and MMD plan to conduct follow activities:
- Develop a training curriculum on PICT focused on PMTCT and TB/HIV  that will be used in training courses for military health staffs
- Conduct two 5-day PICT training courses for military health staffs (one in  Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minh City).
2. Objectives:
The consultant(s) will develop a PICT training curriculum that can be used in 5-day training courses to provide relevant knowledge and skills to military health staffs. The consultant(s) will focus on the following activities:
1) Develop a PICT training curriculum that will be used to train military health staffs on providing PICT focused on PMTCT and TB/HIV.
The following key components would be addressed in the training:
- Purpose and objectives;
- Training agenda (5 days);
- What is PICT?
- The advantages and challenges of PICT;
- PICT model in health facilities;
- PICT process;
- Basic skills and practical guidance for PICT
- PICT in TB clinical settings;
2) Be trainer(s) to provide training in two 5-day PICT training courses for military health staffs that will be organised by DCPH (one course in Hanoi and the other in HCMC).
3. Tasks
- Desk review: Review PICT related documents and materials from various sources (WHO, CDC, HAIVN, LIFE GAP,...)
- Develop outline and main contents of the training curriculum: Discuss with DCPH, MMD and DOD PEPFAR. Draft outlines/ structure of the training curriculum. Send outlines to DCPH for comments and approval.
- Draft the training curriculum (in Vietnamese): Develop detailed contents of the booklet and training manual based on the agreed outlines/ structures and findings from the desk review.
- Collect comments: Participate in a meeting with DCPH, MMD and DOD  PEPFAR to present the draft training curriculum and obtain comments on the draft versions.
- Revise the training curriculum based on comments received and finalise the training curriculum.

4. Qualifications and experience required:
The consultants/institution must have the following qualifications:
- Advance university degree in medicine or public health;
- Sound background on HIV/AIDS issue;
- Intensive experiences in development of training curriculum on areas of PMTCT, TB/HIV, PICT/VCT
- Extensive experiences in training on VCT/PICT.
Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit the following information:
- Letter of interest
- CVs
- Outline of technical proposal and budget.
Your papers should be delivered to (E-mail or post mail):
Development Center for Public Health (DCPH)
P404, N?14C, Khu ?TM ??nh Công, P. ??nh Công, Hoàng Mai, Hà N?i
Tel/fax: (04) 36404544
E-mail: [email protected]
Closing date: 30 July 2010.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Development Center for Public Health (DCPH)
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2010-07-30