Community Mobilization

CECEM would like to announce the training course on Community Mobilization which will be held in October 2010 as follows:
The training course on Community mobilization aims to enable participants to bring local available human and non-human resources together to undertake development activities in order to achieve sustainable development, through initiating and promoting community’s proactive actions in deciding, planning, carrying out and evaluating necessary interventions to solve community’s problems.  

Target groups of this training course are staff of development projects and their partners, local government authorities, and community organisations who wish to successfully mobilize community’s participation.
Participating this training course, the learners will be able to:
- Define the concept of community mobilization in sustainable development context;
- Analyse the challenges to meaningful participation of people, and take appropriate solutions;
- Practice necessary skills to mobilize community’s participation, consensus and support;
- Develop their own strategic plan for successful community mobilization.

The learners will have opportunities to: (i) Visit and study a successful case of community mobilization; (ii) Acquire trainer’s coaching to implement their strategic plan in community mobilization. 

Training period:        12  - 14 October 2010 (3 days)
Training location:      Ha Noi
Language:               Vietnamese
Training fee:            250 USD ( excluding food, accommodation and travel)

For further information of the course, please contact:
CECEM Office
53A, Le Van Huu Str, Ha Noi
Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang
Tel:     04.39447060, extension 216
Fax:    04.39447061
Email:    [email protected]