Change Management

Change processes in organisations could be caused by changes in the environment, in particularly changes of development scenarios. They could also be caused by the internal change triggers; opportunities to solve problems. In change processes, staff raises questions like: why did theyhave to change, what will be better, which role will I play, and what will be the consequences for my job. In other words, change will initially lead to more questions than producing answers, creating anxiety and resistance.

Course objectives
You will be equipped with practical approaches and skills to diagnose and understand change processes, assessing readiness to change, and how to deal constructively with change resistance. You will also be able to design the basic elements of a change management plan.

You are working in an organisation or public institution that is undergoing or intends to embark on a change process which may have significant consequences for future operation and staffing. Or you are providing funding or technical support to organisations undergoing change processes, wondering how best you can play a supportive role.

Course outline
Day 1    
- What do we mean by change?
- Colours of change
- Organisational change cycle
- Identifying participants' own cases for analysis

Day 2
- Where does the push for change come from: change drivers
- Motivating for change
- Creating ownership, dialogue and commitment

Day 3
- Creating excitement, while remaining honest
- How to deal constructively with resistance?
- Crucial role of formal and informal change agents

Day 4    
- Developing a change management plan - milestones and phases
- Reflection on organisation - lessons learned

Day 5    
- Consolidating change accomplishments - declaring the change process over
- Change management planning by individuals
- Presentations by participants and feedback

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