Vietnam Recognizes Nearly 2,900 Communes as New Rural Areas as of end-Nov

As many as 2,884 communes across Vietnam were recognized as new-style rural areas as of the end of November, surpassing the target by 31%, according to the Coordination Office of the National Target Program on New Rural Development (NTP-NRD). The figures were released at a conference to review the 2014-2017 United Nations Joint Program (UNJP) supporting the NTP-NRD, which was held in the northern province of Thai Nguyen last weekend. As of the middle of December, 43 district-level units in 24 centrally-run cities and provinces were certified as new rural areas, up 13 districts compared with the end of 2016 and exceeding the target of 38. The national target program on new rural development targets 50% of communes recognized as new-style rural areas by 2020 and increase the average income off residents at rural areas by 1.8 times against 2015. (Bnews, VietnamPlus Dec 26)