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Grants Coordinator, Narrow the Gap Team Lead

Director of Programs


01 October, 2017


Founded in 2009, LIN Center for Community Development is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization. We envision equal access to social and economic opportunities and an improved quality of life for all (irrespective of age, race, gender, ethnicity, origin, etc..). Through grants, technical support and networking, LIN helps local nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and philanthropists (skilled volunteers and donors) to strengthen and grow so they can fulfill their potential as vehicles for sustainable development, poverty alleviation and citizen participation.

As an intermediary, LIN provides access for everyone to information, knowledge, and tools related to community development work. We facilitate platforms, network, workshop, conference, training, and consultation that support the development of local grassroots NPOs at the same time enabling the philanthropists to give strategically. We also promote local-led development and collaboration amongst individual and institutional philanthropists and NPOs through a community fund that provides grants for initiatives addressing local and environmental issues.

By August 2017, LIN has been serving 270+ local NPOs, hundreds individual and corporate philanthropists partners. More information and details about LIN programs and services can be found at:,,



The LIN Center for Community Development is seeking a high caliber candidate for the position of Grants Coordinator, Narrow the Gap Team Lead. The Grants Coordinator will strengthen due diligence, monitoring and communications with Narrow the Gap Grantees to engender trust between VNPOs and Donors, as well as support the internal operations at LIN.



The primary roles and responsibilities of this position include:



  • Grant Administration

  • Maintain and update a database of all grant applicants (successful and unsuccessful) to track information for internal purposes (e.g., tracking of outcomes and impacts) and for external purposes (e.g., donors that may be interested to fund past applicants).  

  • Help to prepare grant agreements with successful applicants. (Inform to unsuccessful applicants with constructive feedback, as requested.)

  • Collect grantees' reports and financial documents and save in Google Drive and office

  • Publicize regularly Grant Proposals and Grantee Reports by uploading onto LIN website/ NTG website and FB/ direct email to donors and supporters.

  • Develop and manage NTG project budget

  • Prepare annual report of NTG at the end of the year

  • Update information of NTG Grantees onto LIN’s database - civiCRM

  • Grant Selection

  • Help to draft and disseminate call for proposals (three times/year).

  • Screen grant applications for eligibility. (Inform to ineligible applicants.)

  • Work with LIN’s Volunteer Coordinator to recruit grant allocation committee (GAC) members; and invite LIN’s Board member to join the committee

  • Organize an orientation for GAC recruits prior to the review meeting.

  • Organize site visits/meetings for GAC members with grant applicants, as may be needed, during the proposal review process. Record meeting minutes.  Contact applicants with follow-up questions from GAC members.

  • Grant M&E

  • With support the Programs Director, develop indicators and M&E plan to measure the impact of Narrow the Gap program

  • Liaise with grantees, be available for them to contact for any discussion/ updates/ feedback on the major adjustment of the projects, when applicable.

  • Organize site visits to grantees according to grant agreements. At least three visits per year are also attended by NTG donors, GAC members and/or NTG volunteers. Goal: Write articles about each visit (for FB, LIN website, E-Newsletter).

  • Send friendly reminders to ensure grantees meet their reporting deadlines.

  • Monitor and evaluate the accomplishment of each grant in accordance with their proposed/ expected outcomes using their interim and final grant reports. Summarize and record the outputs and impacts of the grants in database of grantees; publicize such information internally and externally.

  • Prepare internal quarterly report to monitor the accomplishment of the program’s milestones/ indicators.

Capacity Building and Info Sharing

  • Organize sessions to provide knowledge to the stakeholders about the model of community philanthropy and Narrow the Gap’s annual theme

  • Organize trainings for grant applicants/grantees on proposal writing (alongside call for proposals), communications (during project), project cycle management (ahead of reporting deadlines).

  • Collaborate with the Program Communications Coordinator to update NTG Fanpage to inform and engage supporters  with information such as grantees’ project updates and opportunities to engage, updates on NTG related activities, grantmaking/community philanthropy best practices.

  • Support the Communications Coordinator to organize a social media campaign for the annual campaign

Resource mobilizing

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Work with LIN’s Volunteer Coordinator to recruit Volunteers for the program where needed, especially the pro bono leading team for Narrow the Gap annual campaign (Jul – Sep).

  • Support the Narrow the Gap Volunteer Team when needed. Serve as Secretariat, taking the lead on internal coordination and communications among team members.

  • Donor stewardship

  • Prepare a space in the LIN Community Center where all NTG donors will be listed and appreciated

  • Work with External Relations Manager to keep donors posted on NTG’s progress and results once every two months. Information should include:

  1. Number, name, and value of grants allocated by the time of reporting

  2. Theme of the grants/ summary of what the projects are about

  3. Number of people benefited from the grants; what changes in the community have the grants made

(5) Grants’ on-site photos

  • Collaborate with Program Communications Coordinator to keep NTG Fanpage updated regularly (at least once a week) with information about the program and granted projects; this could be but not limited to photos updates from project site visits, success/outcomes of granted projects, testimonials from grants’ beneficiaries, stories of changes in the community as a result of the projects, etc.

  • Prepare annual report (narrative and financial) of NTG; email it to donors and publicize it.


  • NPO engagement

  • Engage the NPOs in organizing/promoting the thematic campaign activities

  • Work with NPO Services team and Communications Coordinator to (1) call for proposals from local NPOs, and (2) develop relationships with NPOs, timely respond to their inquiries or requests for support when applicable.   

  • Community engagement

Work with the Communications Coordinator to engage the public in the thematic campaign through online vote, social media campaign, crowd-funding and community event.


In addition, this person will have key administrative duties including the following:


  • Support internal team when needed.

  • Support planning and logistics for LIN workshops/events/services.

  • Effectively communicate with the internal team on the Grants’ implementation and Grantees

  • Work closely with the NPO Services team and support them when needed on tasks related to grantees, when applicable

  • Work with other team members to support the common effort of building relationship with donors, fostering cross-sector partnerships, and fundraising for the program as well as the organization

  • Actively support and participate in other organizational operational work, i.e. annual planning and budgeting, strategic planning, team-building, staff capacity building, etc.

  • Support with other tasks, as needed, such as day-to-day office management, answering phones, facilitating bill payment, etc.

  • Strive to become the Ambassador for LIN and Narrow the Gap!



Education: University degree in social work, community development, communications, journalism, marketing or a relevant field. An advanced degree is preferable.



  • Customer service and/or public relations experience is necessary.

  • Experience coordinating and/or managing development projects.

  • Experience volunteering with a nonprofit or community development project is preferable.

  • Experience working in the NGO sector, on capacity building activities and/or in social work area would be an advantage.



  • Fluency in Microsoft Office;

  • Confidence with Web 2.0;

  • Good communication skills, especially presentation skills (both written and oral) in Vietnamese and English;

  • Patience and attention to details.

  • Networking skills and/or an interest in meeting new people is key;

  • Able to work independently and as part of a team;

  • Good listening skills;

  • Strong interpersonal skills.



  • Confidentiality – Employees must sign a confidentiality agreement and may not share organizational     materials without the express written permission from a supervisor; and

  • Respect – LIN Center aims to always show respect and appreciation for our team members, and stakeholders (NPO partners, Volunteers, Donors, and Government).

  • Teamwork – proactive and active in interacting with other team members; willing and stand ready to look outside of the in-charge area and contribute ideas and support the development of the organization and team.


LIN Center is committed to equal employment opportunities to all individuals based on merit, qualifications, abilities, and the law. Employment decisions are made regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender, geographic or social origin, religion, age, disability or any other characteristics protected by law.


Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume/CV by email to:


LIN Center for Community Development  

(Subject line: Grants Coordinator)

The closing date for applications is 10 September 2017.


Due to the large number of expected applications, only applicants being called for an interview will be contacted. Please visit the website:, for more information about LIN.

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LIN Center
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Sun, 2017-09-10