Consultant for Final Evaluation for CWD


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We are looking for an experienced and dynamic Vietnamese citizen/person to fill the following position:

Reference number: 1304CO

I. Background and the context of the evaluation

Oxfam Novib started its partnership with the Centre for Women and Development (CWD – an organization under management of the Vietnam Women’s Union) in January 2009 in a commitment to support the operation of the Peace House Shelter, a model set up by CWD in 2007 to support women and children who are domestic violence (DV) survivors. This project aims to take this pilot model to the next phase of its development towards a more sustainable way based on lessons learned from the first two years (2007 – 2009). Total Oxfam Novib’s grant for this project for four years (1/2009 – 2/2013) is Euro 147,000.

The project focuses on achieving three major outcomes:

(i) the Hanoi shelter for DV victims further strengthened and the model effectively expanded to two more provinces,
(ii) the network for an effective victims’ referral system, service providers and the outreach to provinces improved, and
(iii) the capacities of CWD and the Women’s Unions to effectively operate and support the shelters strengthened, and DV victims/survivors empowered.

The first and direct beneficiaries of the project include women and children who are victims/survivors of domestic violence. Other stakeholders involved in project implementation are local authorities and cadres of Women’s Union at local level, school teachers and pupils at both central and local levels, and local communities in the project sites.

The partnership between Oxfam Novib and CWD has been phased out on 28th February 2013. Besides usual monitoring activities such as progress reports, site visits, emails, discussions, etc., an independent final evaluation will also be carried out. The evaluation will be conducted by one independent consultant. Oxfam Novib therefore looks for a national consultant to carry out that final evaluation in March - April 2013, right after the project ends.

II. Main objectives of the evaluation and key questions

1.Main objectives:
- To assess the achievement of project outcomes
- To assess the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the project both at design and implementation levels
- To assess partnership model between Oxfam and CWD
- To document key lessons learnt, successes as well as challenges during implementation of the project
- To recommend concrete measures for improving the programme performance as well as suggestions for sustainability strategy of the model

2. Key questions for evaluation:
The evaluation will answer in a not exclusive manner the following questions:

1.Was the project able to fulfill its specific objectives to generate its expected outcomes?
2.Has the planned budget been respected?
3.Have the implemented activities been efficient according to resources and outcomes?
4.What are the effects of the project on gender-based violence prevention?
5.What lessons can be learned about the effectiveness of the intervention strategies used in order to achieve outcomes and policy and practice changes?
6.To what extent have the activities and cares implemented in the shelter met the necessities of the people attended?
7.Did the shelter residents experience any change after they entered/were referred to the shelter? What were these changes? Were the changes positive?
8.Were the support services provided by the shelter effective in assisting victims of domestic violence to reintegrate in a sustainable manner?
9.To what extent does the influence of having stayed in the shelter persists on women who no longer receive its support?
10.How adequate and relevant was the shelter model in terms of supporting victims of domestic violence in Vietnam?
- To what extent have the activities and cares implemented in the shelter met the necessities of the people attended?
- Were the staff’s capacities and skills adequate to carry out their tasks properly?
- To what extent did the infrastructure of the shelter facilitated the implementation of activities planned in the project? Did the people attended feel comfortable in the shelter?
- Was the methodology of work adequate to achieve the proposed goals?
- Could it have been designed differently?
11.Has there been a fluent collaboration among Peace House Shelter and other relevant agencies involved in Gender based violence? Has this collaboration been useful to achieve the expected outcomes?
12.To what extent have the domestic violence in person and other gender-based violence victims taken advantage of this collaboration?
13.To what extent does the civil society in Vietnam consider domestic violence in person to be important matters and socially relevant?
14.To what extent is civil society aware of the existence of the shelter?
15.Do the people in Vietnam know the possibilities to receive help in case of being a victim of gender based violence?
16.Can the model be replicated in Vietnam? What changes should be made to be able to improve and replicate the model?

III. Methodology
The consultant is suggested to use the following approaches:
- An evaluation framework including research outline indicators (may  be developed and/or added by consultant) needs to be agreed by CWD and ONL in advance
- Desk review of relevant documents such as project documents, strategies and plans of Oxfam and partner, reports, etc.
- Visit to the model of Peace House Shelter to conduct semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions, in-depth individual interviews, observations, etc. with the residents of the Shelter who are project beneficiaries
- Interviews with CWD’s leaders & Oxfam in-charge staff and those who are involved in project implementation and management as well as representatives from Vietnam Women’s Union, Government officials and other NGOs who are working on gender-based and domestic violence
- Disaggregated data collected and analyzed where possible
- Findings of the evaluation shared with CWD and ONL for feedbacks (through meetings, emails, discussions, etc.)
- CWD and ONL are well kept informed of the progress to be made by consultant

IV. Deliverables
- An evaluation framework including clear indicators shared with CWD and ONL before conducting desk review, visits and interviews
- Presentation on key findings presented to CWD and ONL in a meeting to be organized by ONL by end May 2013
- Draft evaluation report by mid June 2013
- Final evaluation report by end June 2013

V. Evaluation team
The evaluation requires one national consultant. The consultant will interact on a regular basis with CWD and ONL staff.
Qualifications of the consultant:
- Experiences in conducting evaluations for programmes/projects
- Knowledge of gender and GBV/DV issues in Vietnam
- Advanced degree in related fields
- Good Knowledge of the Results Based Management methodology
- Strong analytical and coordination skills
- Excellent English writing skills

VI. Logistics support
- ONL and CWD will provide all relevant documents for the consultant such as project document, work plans, organization strategies, reports, etc.
- CWD and ONL will help arranging meetings with all relevant stakeholders involved in the project implementation
- ONL will sign contract with and make payment for the consultant
- ONL will be responsible for overall coordination of the consultancy work

VII. Timeframe
The evaluation is planned to take place during the period from 1st April to end May 2013. Final evaluation report is expected to be finalized by end May 2013.

VIII. References/bibliography
The following documents are taken for reference to serve as background for the evaluation consultancy:
- Project document
- CWD’s organization strategies, annual work plan  and budgets
- Oxfam’s JCAS
- Appraisal documents for the partnership with CWD
- Other relevant documents

The closing date for application:  No later than 6:00pm (Hanoi time) on 19th April 2013   

How to Apply: The consultant will have to send to Oxfam:
a) CV highlighting relevant qualifications and experience, and proof of past consultancy experience
b) A technical proposal in English detailing design, methodology, work plan and consultant fees.

to Ms. Tran Thanh Hang
22 Le Dai Hanh- Ha Noi- Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 3 945 4448
We regret that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Oxfam is an equal opportunity employer.

Job Details
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Oxfam Novib
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Fri, 2013-04-19