NGORC Mailing List

The NGO Resource Centre community is expanding rapidly. We’ve decided to write a guide on how people should use the mailing lists.

Please read this guide before posting any messages or any enquiries for help.


To send or receive any emails from the NGO resource centre mailing list. You have to suscribe to a mailing list. Select the desired mailing list from the following - NGO Resource Centre Mailing Lists


To stop receiving any messages from the NGO Resource centre mailing lists. Please select the desired mailing list from the following - NGO Resource Centre Mailing Lists then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Posting guidelines

The NGO Resource Centre’s mailing lists are expanding daily. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to help edit posters mails. Please can everyone read the following guidelines.

1. Please post messages in plain text, please do not use HTML.

Why use plain text ?

Thunderbird posting in plain text

Microsoft outlook posting in plain text

Gmail posting in plain text

Hotmail posting in plain text

Yahoo posting in plain text

2. Link to images, don’t attach them

Try not to use images, please refrain from attaching your picture. Publishing it at the web and providing a link to it helps keeping the list volume down.

3. Please try not to attach documents.

We try to descourage any document sending as this puts high demands on our server and can cause virus outbreaks. Try to send a link to a document instead. If you are required to send a document, please make sure the document is a PDF document and is under 500KB in size.

Guide to free PDF creation software

Convert your document to PDF online

We try to encourage using document sharing websites such as :-

Google Docs


Slideshare - sharing presentations

4. Please be patient.

Please wait up to 24 hours before posting the same message again.

If you have any technical enquiries please contact

If anyone would like to help moderate any of the working group mailing lists. Please contact Paul Griffiths

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