Proposed Workshop

The ICT4DEV Working Group will be organising a series of workshops at the NGORC in Hanoi.  The workshops will reflect members feedback from the ICT4DEV survey.

The workshops will be presented in English with Vietnamese translators :

Title : Communication Technology over the Internet.

The following topics and technology are being considered.  Please, if you have any further suggestions or are interested in any of the workshops please list your :

- name

- organisation

- email address

- interested workshop/ any suggestions or additions.

If you’re able to contribute to any of the workshops please contact Paul Griffiths (


  • The art of conversation over the Internet?

How to use the Internet more pro-actively, communicating your news with a larger audience by using social networks.  Using these technologies to convey a more dynamic message and helping areas of fund raising.  These technologies can be used free and instantly providing communications with people in isolated areas and up to date messages in disaster zones.

  • Collaborating and communicating more effective with your staff?

Using the Internet to collaborate and share ideas allows for a more effective work place.  Using free services to share, calenders, email and even create and distribute documents online. These tools can be further expanded by the use of agenda and ‘to do’ lists that can email staff on the status of projects and timetables.

  • Building a Website / Blog

Creating a website can be a difficult and expensive investment for small organisations.  There are numerous tools over the Internet that provide people with a user friendly way of configuring websites and blogs.  A basic blog / website can be set up in under an hour.  This workshop will provide a basic tutorial on ‘Wordpress’.


1.  Collaboration Tools

  • Google Docs
  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird

2. Introduction to Blog (website design)

  • Wordpress
  • Ning

3. Email

  • Management
  • Thunderbird

4. Social Network tools (How to share information)

  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • RSS readers
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
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Rik Thorneclyff

Rik Thorneclyff’s avatar

These look great.
Although I know it’s a little more basic, at some point it would also be helpful to run some training in using some of the more non-core functions of Excel, Word & Powerpoint. Everyone knows how to use the programs, however as most people learn about them solely through experience, very few people seem to know how to use their full potential.

How to set up small databases with nice GUIs for internal information management (eg libraries, networks, staff skill sets, etc) would also be really valuable.


Management Advisor
MCD / Vietnet-ICT

Hopefully in the future depending on members needs we’ll run a workshop on the open source alternative Open Office The software also has some great manuals, tutorials on line covering these topics. It’s currently widely used around the world (Including Governments in France, Germany and the Netherlands)and can open Microsoft documents -

The software can also produce PDF documents, I urge you all to try it. No need to remove Microsoft Office/ It’s compatible with Microsoft, Macs and Linux.

For a guide on ‘Why Switch’ from Microsoft’?

For a guide on word processors please visit

As for small databases perhaps a guide / documentation can be put on the ICT4DEV blog (or WIKI in the future). The development of a database can be a complicated process that usually requires external advice and technical abilities. However, there are several online tools that can aid in the management of these process - some basic elements will be covered over these workshops.

Paul Griffiths

My experience is any training on spreadsheet and word document on whatever software will benefit the capacity on the other similar softwares since, MS Office, Symphony, Wordperfect et als are 95% similar. I saw this happening right at NGORC where one participant learn how to do templates and Table of Content in and mention afterward “I now can do it also in Microsoft Office”.

In the other hand, teaching offline “office software” such as MS excel or MS word is looking backward. The future is online, and NGOs should soon learn how to benefit the web technologies, if they don’t who will ?

In respect of the previous message. I totally agree with David’s statement and the workshop will be looking forward and not backwards. All software, collaboration tools, and document producing and distributing within these workshops will be focused on Web technology and not expensive applications that require expensive pieces of equipment to run.

Hi Paul,

The workshop title “Communication over the Internet” itself is engaging and the topics of “the art of conversation” and “building a website/blog” are what I am deeply interested in. I would be grateful if you could let me know how I can register to attend the workshop.

Thanks very much in advance.

Best regards,
Trinh Thu Hien

With internet slowly on the rise (although not pervasive, especially in rural areas of Vietnam) I think a workshop like this (as long as it continues to address the expanding needs of citizens) can be really helpful.

Although the list that you have so far is quite good and focuses on really useful tools that the internet has to offer, I think the real problem in Vietnam is not the lack of knowledge of these tools, but rather the need for people to be able to think in a Web 2.0 way. In An Giang University I am trying to teach people how to interact in a Web 2.0 way, i.e. using a wiki to do project management, sharing data through Google Docs, facebook community organizing, etc. etc. but the willingness to enter these platforms to converse and to edit each other just isn’t there the way it is in the USA. For two main reasons, Vietnamese culture doesn’t facilitate honest criticism and open dialogue (i.e. Losing face) the way that American culture does, and two, there isn’t the right management in place that helps overcome the first boundary. If these two problems can be addressed and solved, than I think the tools that you’re introducing can be used in many fields.

If these problems are not satisfied than these tools will just put jelly on stale bread. People in the workplace need to feel like they want to contribute, edit, share, explore etc. before they are given tools to do so. I think the birth of Web 2.0 comes out of a need for Americans to want that. Do Vietnamese people want that (yet)?

One last thing I will mention…there needs to be more knowledge about search and ways to look for the correct useful information. There isn’t enough internet wisdom in Vietnam.

Good luck!