Terms Of Reference

Information & Communications Technology for Development Working Group(ICT4DEVWG)
Proposed Terms Of Reference

Proposed Overview

To help develop and maximise the benefits arising from the increased and more effective use of information and communication technology (ICT) within the development community in Vietnam.

Proposed Goal

The aim of the working group will be to help NGOs enhance their use of ICT to improve the quality of their development work in Vietnam. Through advising, training, sharing resources and inviting special expert guest speakers, the ICT4DEV WG seeks to maximise productivity and communications in the development community in Vietnam by helping NGOs to fully harness the
power of ICT in their development activities.

Proposed Objectives

1. To help bridge the ICT gap and capacity levels between different stakeholders in the development community in Vietnam.

2. To increase awareness, integration and adoption of free open source (FOSS) software tools within development organisations.

3. To encourage information­ gathering and sharing on ICT topics and skills.

4. To improve ICT infrastructure within the Vietnamese development community and to introduce the latest ICT ideas, applications, technologies and best practices from around the world to development workers in Vietnam.

5. To develop an ICT4DEV Task force to help build the ICT capacities of development organisations.

6. To facilitate an environment of skill­sharing and intensive peer learning relating to ICT for development.

7. To provide an opportunity for development organisations working at the grassroots level to expand their practical expertise in areas such as: multi­media tools, data collection and analysis, ICT security and crisis management etc.

8. To act as a catalyst for improved ICT for development awareness and best practices within the ICT development community in Vietnam.

9. To conduct research and disseminate advice and results relating to technical developments the development community in Vietnam.

10. To create and distribute an e­newsletter on current ICT for development issues.

Proposed Approach

The IT working group will meet once a month.  The monthly meeting will act as a platform for activity planning and information­sharing.  Guest speakers will be encouraged to participate and contribute on a range of different issues concerning ICT and development. Workshops, discussions and source camps will be arranged to satisfy the needs of ICT4DEV WG members, and to coincide with new opportunities or developments within the ICT industry.

The ICT4DEV WG seeks to serve the interests of all interested parties, from technical to non­ technical.  Workshops, and events will be organised for people of varying technical aptitude. The working group will serve as an open platform for all members involved in the development field in Vietnam.   The ICT4DEV WG will encourage links within other NGO RC working groups and provide advice and information with all interested parties.

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