Low Power, Low Cost Computers

Currently the ICT4DEV working group blog and mailing list has focused on the ideas of software.  However, hardware is the initial step in the word of ICT in development.  Recently I visited a Boot Camp held in Cambodia. A ‘ Boot Camp’ allows for anyone to share and express ideas concerning the ICT industry.

I came across a demonstration by the Open Insititute on low cost computing.  The idea was to research the use of a portable / low power consuming computer that could be deployed in isolated areas within Cambodia.

Four different scenarios were researched;

Brief Description of two scenarios.

Scenario 1 : A low powered, portable but secure solution for Windows and Linux.
Scenario 2 :  A central computer with multiple users over multiple monitors and keyboards.

One solution was available for under 300 USD running under 9 Watts.

The conclusions of the experiements can be found here on a wiki.

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