ICT Helping Bridge the Poverty Divide

A recent report indicated how ICT has become an important development in the past decade for developing nations.  Indicating the economic successes from countries such as India and China as well as the social impacts with distant leaning becoming more popular.

ICT is a broad and expansive concept featuring an array of different ideas.  The idea’s of previous mistakes such as donating old and damaged computers, telephone exchanges and tractors are being challenged.

The conclusions are :-

  • ICT components are kept simple, relevant, practical and local;
  • ICT practitioners are involved in the design of ICT strategies;
  • significant community involvement;
  • new solutions are built on what is already in place;
  • there is a focus on training to ensure success and sustainability.
  • there is a plan in place to replicate and scale up the project if it is successful.

The report is a brief introduction on the ideas of ICT within poverty; however the above highlighted points are essential in the progress of ICT within the development industry.

Simplicity is the key in a complicated world of jargon and expensive widgets.

An example of ICT fighting poverty.

Please click here for the report.

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