Hackers Target Bloggs

Blogging software such as Wordpress and Google’s Blogspot have allowed NGO’s an entry into the world of Web. Their ease of use provides even the smallest INGO the tools to create an Internet presence. The increase in popularity of bloggs have opened the doors to hackers. Re-directing your readers to their own websites selling holidays, medical supplies and streams of useless tools is one favorite past time.

What about security ?

Security, !!!!! People often are under the illusion that the magical software takes care of all. However, teams of hackers are often scratching their heads, busy looking into flaws of the blog software.

How can we protect our blog?

Make sure your computer is protected, How?

  • Your operating system (Windows XP, Ubunut, Vista etc) has the recent software updates.
  • Install good anti-virus software (Kaspersky, symantec) and make sure it’s up to date.

Use a strong Password

Most attacks come through weak passwords, use a mixture of numerical (1,2,45 etc), alphabetical (tiniufd) and Upper / Lower case to maximize it’s strength. Please visit a password checker to verify the strength of your password.

Software Version

Check if you are using the latest release of your blogging software. Visit the website of your blogging software and install any upgrades.

Themes and Plug ins.

Only use official plug ins and themes, these can be found on the website of your blogging software.

Regular Backups

Try to make at least a backup once a week. This will allow you to recover from an earlier version if you have been hacked.

Further Security Measures

Your blog interacts with a database (MYSQL). This database will hold all key information such as passwords, articles, users etc. Make sure your MYSQL database has a strong password. Your Blog software will also recommend file and folder permissions on your installation.

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