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The ICT4DEVWG carried out it’s first workshop on the 24 October 2008.  I would like to thank Jessica Stevens for her input and presentations on Web 2.0 and Flickr.  Also I would like to thank Pham Do Quyen for translation.

The workshop focused on how web 2.0 technology is helping people and organisation communicate with each other.  Three technologies were focused on Flickr, Twitter and facebook.

Introduction to Web 2.0 by Jessica Stevens

Introduction To Twitter by Paul Griffiths

Twitter Introduction

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How to Use Twitter - Paul Griffiths

How To Use Twitter

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Flickr by Jessica Stevens
The Art of Conversationl - Flickr

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Facebook in Development Organisations by Paul Griffiths

The International open Source Network and UNDP -Asia Pacific Development Information Programme have written a good introduction on free software also known as FOSS/Open Source Software.  The book is a useful for anyone interested in the global development of ICT.   As well as organisations looking at developing more cost effective ICT solutions.

An Extract from the book

Cybersource20 of Australia has done an analysis of FOSS savings based on a
comparison between Microsoft products and FOSS-based software that provide
similar functionalities. The study, “Linux vs. Windows: The Bottom Line”, looked at
potential savings for three hypothetical companies (A: 50 users; B: 100 users;
and C: 250 users). All numbers are in US dollars:
Microsoft Solution Linux/FOSS Solution  Savings
Company A: 50 Users        $87,988               $80         $87,908
Company B: 100 Users       $136,734               $80         $136,654
Company C: 250 Users       $282,974               $80         $282,894

Download the books

foss-intro-nocover - English

Foss - Intro Vietnamese Open Office format

Please visit the Asia-Pacific development programme for more informaiton